A pale gray she-cat walked down a staircase-like pile of jagged stones with four apprentices tagging along behind her.

"Thornleap, why have you taken us here?" Asked a golden she-cat.

Thornleap did not reply as she contenued to walk down the stones. A pale gray she-cat paused as she was half-way down, but a brown tabby tom nudged her to keep walking. When the cats got to the bottom they caught the sight of a large black tom with icey blue eyes. The golden apprentice jumped at the sight of him.

"Why have you come here?" rasped the black tom.

"Coldeye, it is me, Thornleap," mewed the pale she-cat.

"Oh yeah, you're a MountainClan cat, right?" sneered Coldeye.

"I was a MountainClan cat, now I'm... well, I'll explain later," meowed Thornleap.

"Now, I've heard that your leader, Amberstar, has passed away and that Tornpelt is now your leader."

"That is true, and I am now deputy," meowed the black tom.

"Good, now I must see him. I have a deal to make with him," mewed Thornleap grimly.

Chapter One

A gray she-cat walked into a large, old, hollow tree, and padded over to a small light brown tom.

"It is a full moon tonight" the she-cat started.

"Have you chosen with cats to take to the clan meet?"

The tom turn his head to her.

"Yes, go tell Yarrowtail, Smallwhisker, and Rockpelt that they have been chosen" Moewed the tom.

"Ok, I will do that, Shrewstar" purred the she-cat.

Outside in a field with a thin river running a dark ginger tom pads into a hut made out of brambles. In the den he walked over to a light ginger she-cat nursing three kits.

"How are your kits, Sandfoot" Asked the tom.

"There fine, Redwing" Mewed Sandfoot.

"Did you have any troble kitting?" Asked Redwing.

"No, everything was fine" Moewed Sandfoot.

Sandfoot twiched her tail to a brown and white she-kit.

"That one is Doekit" Mewed Sandfoot.

Redwing pawed at a white she-kit with gold and ginger patches.

"Which one is this" Asked Redwing.

"That one is Sweetkit" Aswered Sandfoot.

Sandfoot pointed her tail to a gray tom kit.

"That one is Nettlekit" Purred Sandfoot.

Chapter Two

In an underground cavern a dark gray tom leaped atop a jagged ledge.

"Cats of CaveClan" The tom started.

"I, Tornstar, have a speacle anouncement to make."

"We have always lived our lives secretly from the other clans, but now it is time for us to make ourselves known" Tornstar meowed.

"The other clans are exstreamly agresive, so we need more warriors, so from now on apprentices will be given one moon of hard training before they become a warrior."

"You can't do that!" Hissed an elderly she-cat.

"I'm the leader of CaveClan, I can do what I want!" Hissed Tornstar.

"Why do you want to rush apprentice training, and have our clan known, are you planing an atack!?" Hissed the she-cat.

"Clawtooth, I have no intention of doing that, I'm just preparing our clan for when we show ourselves to the other clans" Mewed Tornstar.

"Why are we in the first place!?" Exlaimed Clawtooth.

"This would never happen if Amberstar was still the leader of CaveClan!"

"Well, she's not and I am" growled Tornstar.

"Now, Clawtooth" Started Coldeye, the CaveClan deputy.

"You know that Amberstar was murdered by Rabbitnose and that Tornstar avenged Amberstar's death by killing Rabbitnose, so he is the rightfull leader and we must obeay his orders." Finished the deputy.

"I was a verry close friend of Rabbitnose, and he would never do that!" Spatted Clawtooth.

"How do I know you didn't kill Amberstar and Rabbitnose so you could become leader!"

"Clawtooth, how dare you question my loyalty!" Tornstar spatted back.

Clawtooth hissed at the CaveClan leader as she walked toward the elders den.

"Ok, so it is settled that we will train our apprentices for only one moon, and since our apprentices have been traning for over one moon we will go ahead and make them warriors" Meowed the CaveClan leader.

Chapter Three

A small, white she-cat was lying on a bed of moss in a thicket. The she-cat was nursing three kits, one was white like her, and the others were white with dark orange patches. A tom walked into the thicket.

"How are your kits, Lilacpetal" He asked.

"Fine, Greengrass" Answered Lilacpetal.

"What are their names" Asked Greengrass.

"I don't know what to name them at the moment" Started Lilacpetal.

"I think I'll wait entill they mature a little before I name them" Finished Lilacpetal.

"Ok, they will grow up to be fine warriors of HillsideClan" Repleyed Greengrass.

Meanwhille in the NectarClan camp, a calico queen was sleeping in the nursey. Whille she was, her kit, Willowkit sneaked out and wondered into the apprentice den. A light brown spotted she-cat walked towards the grayish-brown she-kit.

"Hi, little kit, what are you doing in the apprentice den" Mewed the apprentice.

Willowkit was slightly frightened by her, and squeaked "I was board in the nursey, so I dicited to explore the camp".

"Well, arent there any other kits to play with in the nursey" Asked the apprentice.

"Well, there's my brother, Woollykit, but he's to lazy to play with, and Sweetkit, Doekit, and Nettlekit have just now been born, so I can't play with them" Replyed Willowkit.

"So, what is your name" Asked Willowkit.

"Leopardpaw" Answered the apprentice.

"Are you training to be a warrior" Asked Willowkit.

"No, I'm training to be a medicine cat" Started Leopardpaw.

"I was trianing to be a warrior, but then I had a dream where a gray tom told me I should become the medicine cat" Finished Leopardpaw.

"Who was he" Asked Willowkit.

"I don't know, but I asume he was the medicine cat before Whitesky and Poppyberry" Answered Leopardpaw.

"Well, I need to get back to the nursey before my mother, Tansyfur wakes up and sees that I'm gone" Mewed Willowkit.

"Ok, bye" Meowed Leopardpaw.

"Leopardpaw, even though am a kit and your an aprentice, can we be friends" Asked Willowkit.

"Yes" Replyed Leopardpaw.

Chapter Four

A group of MountainClan cats were slowly walking down a mountain, when Clawtooth aproached them.

"Why are you trespassing on MountainClan terratory?" Growled Snowstar, the MountainClan as she was crouching in an atack pose.

"I have not come to atack." Replyed Clawtooth.

"I have come to warn you about a threat to all the clans of this forest"

"How do we know we can trust you?" Hissed the white she-cat.

Clawtooth did not reply to that and was quiete for a whille, then said "A cat formerly from your clan has been meeting with my clan leader potting to take over the forrest"

Snowstar jumped when she heard Clawtooth say a cat formerly from her clan, because it reminded her of Thornleap.

"What clan have you come from" Asked Snowstar.

"Well, not many cats know of it, but I come from CaveClan" Answered Clawtooth.

At first Snowstar didn't belleave Clawtooth, but then remembered somsting that happened in her past.

Snowstar remembered a time when She and Thornleap were young, they were Snowpaw and Thornpaw then. Snowpaw and Thornpaw were playing near the bottom of the Mountain, then Thornpaw sliped and fell in a hole leading to an underground cavern. Snowpaw went into the hole after Thornpaw. In the cavern Snowpaw saw a large dark orange tabby she-cat. The tabby said her name was Amberstar. Snowpaw notised that Thornpaw had fallen in love with a young warrior named Snaketooth. Amberstar showed Snowpaw and Thornpaw the way out of the cave, but after Thornleap became a warrior she sneaked out every once and a whille to see Snaketooth, Snowstar was the only cat who knew of this.

Chapter Five

"Why whould Thornleap need help from CaveClan; she was the FieldClan deputy" Started a black and white tom from behind Snowstar and Clawtooth.

"Couldn't she just kill Foxstar, to make herself leader?" Fineshed the tom.

"I overheard Thornleap and Tornstar talking and heard them say that they whould take over the forest by taking over the surface clans, then the other underground clan, JewlClan, then Thornleap would become join CaveClan." Answered Clawtooth.

"That still doesn't make any sence" Started Snowstar

"Why would Thornleap want to help CaveClan take over the forest?" Fineshed the MountainClan leader.

"One day I heard Thornleap talking to four apprentices" Mewed Clawtooth

"She said that after ClaveClan takes over the forest, she'll work her way up the deputy, then kill Tornstar"

"But, why couldn't she do that in FieldClan?" Asked an orage and white she-cat.

"I guess it's because she thaught this whould be an easyer and more powerfull way to to take over the forest" Answered Clawtooth.

Clawtooth sudenly stopped walking. Snowstar stopped walking and turned her head to her.

"Why have you stopped, arn't you coming to the Clan Meet with us?" Asked Snowstar.

"I forgot to warn you, that there are CaveClan cats surounding the bottom of the mountain" Mewed Clawtooth.

Chapter Six

A group of cat cats were sitting on a hudge flat rock. Group of MountainClan cats and four FieldClan apprentices were approaching the rock. They were covered with scars.

"See, I told you the MountainClan cats whould get here soon" Purred Longwhisker, the HillsideClan deputy as the cats steped on the flat rock.

"What happened to you, and why do you have four of apprentices?" Foxstar asked Snowstar.

"We were atacked" Answered Snowstar.

"Atacked?" Echoed Foxstar.

"By who?"

Snowstar was about to answer that they were atacked by CaveClan cats, but afraid Foxstar would not belleave her, because in the battle she had killed Foxstar's deputy, Thornleap and that Foxstar would think she just made up an excuse for killing her intentionally.

"Were you atacked by rouges?" Asked Foxstar.

Snowstar knew that she couldn't call CaveClan cats rouges, but answered yes any way.

"Why are my clans apprentices with you, and where is Thornleap, I couldn't find her anywhere, so I had to atend the Clan Meet without her" Moewed Foxstar.

"Your apprentices were kidnaped and Thornleap was killed" Answered Snowstar.

Mapplespots, an orage and white MountainClan warrior didn't like how Snowstar was lieing, but was quiete about it.


A few weeks had pasted and Lilacpetal's kits had matured a little. Greengrass walked into the nursery.

"Have you dicited what to name your kits yet" Asked Greengrass.

"Yes" Replyed Lilacpetal.

Lilacpetal pionted her tail to a kit with one of it's whiskers unuselly bent down farher.

"That one is Bentkit" Replyed Lilacpetal.

Lilacpetal nosed at another tom kit.

"That one in Runningkit, and the other one is Daisykit" Purred Lilacpetal.