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Ashblaze WolfClan ref

Ashblaze ref

Ash-gray tom with long, sleek fur and green eyes.

ShadeClan Ashblaze

Family line/ education/ rank

Ashblaze was born into WolfClan along with his sisters and one brother, son of Snowwing and Snakefang. He was apprenticed to Gleamwhisker, who later died soon after he was given his warrior name, Ashblaze. While he was an apprentice, he became friends with Fernpaw of RippleClan and the young kittypet, Ezra. However the cruel leader of RippleClan, Voidstar, had some of his warriors severely wound her for treason and let her die in the woods. Ezra, however, found Fernpaw and ran to Ashpaw for help. Fernpaw was taken into WolfClan, nursed back to health, given an new mentor and then received her warrior name, Fernfrost. Ashblaze later became mates with Fernfrost and took on an apprentice, Darkpaw. Shortly after Fernfrost gave birth to his kits, Shimmerkit, Snowkit, Weaslekit and Harekit his former apprentice Darkeyes was killed by an eagle. He was able to watch Snowshine become a Medicine Cat and his three other kits become warriors before he was given another apprentice, Sandypaw, who later became Sandybird. Fernfrost had yet another litter with two she-cats, Moonkit and Fuzzykit, and one tom named Cricketkit. His daughter Shimmercloud became leader shortly after Moondream, Fuzzyleaf and Cricketleap became warriors.