Beigekit was born to an unnamed mother, and had no brothers or sisters. She was very playful since the moment she opened her cactus-green eyes. She was lively and happy most of the time.


After six moons of staying in the nursery, Beigekit became Beigepaw and was mentored by Twistfoot. She was a very good hunter and knew how to catch prey without them hearing, feeling or tracking you.

Becoming a warrior

Because of her amazing hunting skills, Wispstar decided to make Beigepaw a warrior early, and she became Beigepelt. He also gave her three apprentices before she became a queen: Dazzlepaw, Smokepaw and Shortpaw, who became Dazzlejaw, Smokefur and Shorttail.

Becoming a queen

Later in her life, Beigepelt fell in love with a TidalClan warrior named Eaglefeather. She had kits: Diamondkit, Coalkit and Gravelkit.


Beigepelt died when she fell into a gorge by a river and got swept away. But she will be accompanied by her family in MirageClan.


Hence her name, Beigepelt had beige-like fur.