Brackenpaw is a jet black tom. He is muscular and heavyset, with large paws and broad shoulders. His eyes are a forest green - earning him his name, Brackenpaw.

Brackenpaw was originally a loner - the son of a rogue, who abandoned ThunderClan several moons before. He was the only kit in the litter and was raised believing that all Clan cats were evil - only to find that they were not.

When he turned seven moons old, Brackenpaw left his mother for BrambleClan, and was taken on as an apprentice. He still retains some of his old prejudices, and still requires some assistance with his sloppy hunting and fighting skills - however, he improves every day.


Brackenpaw likes to show off. He wants to be admired and he is sarcastic, poking fun at the elders and laughing punishments off with the two other apprentices of the Clan.

Brackenpaw doesn't like to share, and he doesn't like feeling frustrated - he can have explosive and shifting flashes of anger, and he tends to be loud and vocal; thinking that this makes him smart and witty.

Brackenpaw can be aggressive, and he is always the rebel - the "charmingly rugged rebel," as he says. He doesn't care much about the feelings of others and rarely feels anything akin to guilt.


  • Brackenpaw was originally going to be a shy, timid tom.
  • He was going to be a medicine cat apprentice.