Coalkit was born to Beigepelt along with his sister Diamondkit and his brother Gravelkit, who died four moons after birth when he wandered out into the snow. Coalkit and his sister remained, receiving more care from Beigepelt.


Six moons after their birth, Coalkit and Diamondkit were apprenticed. Coalpaw's mentor was Speedywind, a sleek, fast she-cat, while his sister Diamondpaw's mentor was Cobblefoot, a dark grey wise tom. They both were happy with their mentors.

Becoming a warrior

Coalpaw and Diamondpaw soon became warriors, taking the names Coalfur and Diamondheart. They were also given apprentices, Cottonpaw and Lostpaw, who became Cottonpelt and Lostear. But when Coalfur went hunting with Eaglefeather, his half-blinded father, he had to watch him get hit by a Twoleg monster on the Steampath. Bravely, Coalfur dragged Eaglefeather's corpse back to camp, and luckily every cat believed him.


Coalfur died when he caught greencough one winter. He misses his mother and sister, but is in MirageClan, accompanied by Eaglefeather and Gravelkit. Sometimes, he and his dad and brother like to sneak into Diamondheart and Beigepelt's dreams, telling them warnings and helping with their decisions.


Coalfur was a jet black cat.