Darkstorm is a slate-gray tabby tom. His eyes are a hazel-amber and he has a white chest and paws - similar to the markings of his mother, a she-cat named Carmine.

Darkstorm has a black speckling on his tail, and his ears are tufted - a common trait among those of BrambleClan descent. He also has the sturdy build of a BrambleClan warrior, and he moves with a dexterity that comes from moons of trekking across mountain slopes.

However, Darkstorm is also scarred - and heavily so. His back is ravaged by long-ago wounds, inflicted by the claws and teeth of a badger.

Because Darkstorm had been raised as a loner for the first seven moons of his life, he still hunts somewhat sloppily, still unused to the strange techniques that BrambleClan practices.


Darkstorm is a cooperative, agreeable tom. He isn't creative and prefers to be the follower rather than the leader.

Darkstorm is also gullible, and he doesn't like to take risks - even so, he is known to be hard-working and participatory, getting along with everyone who he might chance upon.

However, Darkstorm's enthusiasm often leads to poor decisions, and he wants to be around others - to the point where he will try to gain attention by acting wounded, or sick, or something like that.


  • Darkstorm's loner name was Night.
  • He was going to be a moody, grumbling tom.
  • His mate was originally going to be an unnamed kittypet, but Rosecloud won in the end.