"Why are you yelling at these sweet kits?"


Deerfur is a sleek, beautiful Abyssinian cat with short, pale tabby tan fur. Her eyes are round and sparkling amber.


-gentle bean

-sassy at times



-speaks her mind


-never lost her youthful attitude

"She is my best friend, grouch or not, so I do feel some responsibility for her."- about Dropletclaw


Deerfur lived a normal life- she was an eager LeafClan apprentice, who fell in love with Firepaw at a young age. The two became mates almost as soon as they were given their warrior names. They dealt with infertility for moons- Deerfur lapsed into depression, because all she wanted was to raise kits with the love of her life, Firefoot. She was thirty-four moons old when she found out she was pregnant. She and Firefoot were ecstatic- the wait had seemed eternal, but they were finally having kits! The other LeafClan queens were bemused at Deerfur's joy- almost all of them had at least two litters and were mystified at why Deerfur was so elated.

She treasured her kits from the moment they were born- they were given more love and attention than most kits see in a lifetime. The kits weren't spoiled, just cherished and adored. Deerfur and Firefoot named them Minkkit, Flamekit, and Emberkit- the kits are five moons currently, and about to be apprenticed.

"I'm not helpless!"


Firefoot- the love of her life- she fell for the ginger tom when she was an apprentice, adoring his kindness and humility in apprentice duties. Her heart belongs to him and him only- once Dropletclaw suggested she "look around" because Firefoot was so busy at the time- Deerfur flipped out and tackled her best friend.

Dropletclaw- Dropletclaw and Deerfur have been inseperable since kithood; no cat could understand why such a mouthy, grumpy kit like Dropletclaw would become best friends with a well-behaved, eager kit like Deerfur- but they are still inseperable to this day. Neither she-cat can imagine their life without the other.

MinkkitDeerfur loves her feisty daughter, and enjoys playing games with her smallest kit, but she is often chasing the naughty little she-kit around LeafClan camp, irritated that Minkkit just will not sit still!


FlamekitDeerfur is sure her ambitious kit is destined for greatness- there's something about the little tabby she-kit that makes Deerfur absolutely positive she is going to be important .