Diamondkit was kitted with her brothers Coalkit and Gravelkit by Beigepelt. Sadly, Gravelkit died when he wandered out in the snow at night and froze to death, leaving Diamondkit and Coalkit alive. Because of this, Beigepelt started to protect her kits harder than ever.


When Diamondkit and her remaining brother Coalkit reached the age of six moons, they began their training. They were named Diamondpaw and Coalpaw and were apprenticed by Cobblefoot and Speedywind. They both trained hard, and Diamondpaw even managed to crack the fang of a FernoClan warrior!

Becoming a warrior

After ten moons of training, Diamondpaw and Coalpaw were ready to become warriors. Their warrior names were Diamondheart and Coalfur. They were also both given an apprentice each Cottonpaw and Lostpaw, who soon became Cottonpelt and Lostear. Moons later, Eaglefeather, Diamondheart's father, died after getting hit by a Twoleg monster, and Coalfur was killed by greencough, leaving Diamondheart with her mother Beigepelt.

Becoming a queen

Later, in her life, Diamonstar mated with a smart cat named Gingertail. After this, she had two kits named Floodkit and Rapidkit, who were sent to TidalClan because Gingertail had stated that there were already too many warriors.

Becoming deputy

When Wispstar lost his final life and died, Stonepelt, his deputy, became leader, but was struggling with the selection of a deputy. Diamondheart was sent to hunt for fresh-kill, and Stonestar was amazed by the amount she brought back, and decided to name her his deputy.

Becoming leader

When Stonestar lost his final life, Beigepelt lost her only one, and Diamondheart became leader of LightClan. She appointed brave she-cat Gingerstripe as her deputy, shortly before Gingertail's death by NatureClan territory. The next deputy she appointed was Ravenfang, and then her apprentice, Blackfang.

Lifes Lost

Here is how Diamondstar lost her lives:

  1. Killed by a band of rogues
  2. Hit by a Twoleg monster
  3. Killed by greencough
  4. Drowned in The Lake by TidalClan territory
  5. Killed by Coniferclaw, who went to the Black Forest
  6. Hit by a Twoleg monster
  7. Crushed by a falling tree
  8. Hit by a Twoleg monster
  9. Killed by greencough

After this, Diamondstar joined MirageClan and gave Blackfang nine lives and he became Blackstar.


Diamondstar was a grey she-cat with blue eyes the colour of sea water.