Eagletail is a muscular she-cat. Her fur is dark, with lighter flecks of nutmeg and white - giving her the name "Eagletail."

Her ears are tufted and black, as is her paws. Her eyes are green, but a moss-green, like the kind that grows in blankets near the edge of a river. Her underbelly is a light tan, and there's a patch of white fur at her throat.

Several dark speckles dot her shoulders and face, blending with the black tabby stripes that crisscross her pelt.


Eagletail is a genuine, honest cat. She's forthright and knows no tact, which gets in the way of many of her relationships - however, she herself is oblivious to the fact, no matter what others tell her.

Eagletail can also be oblivious and mellow, but also indifferent. She makes very odd company that way - speaking to you like she's bored out of her mind, or sounding so flat and downtrodden that you want her to go away and bother someone else for once.

Eagletail isn't a quick thinker, but she isn't as slow as some might believe - she merely believes in the power of methodical planning when faced with a difficult decision.


  • Her name was going to be Amberblossom, then Eaglefeather.
  • She was going to be a medicine cat apprentice.