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Fernfrost is a bold white she-cat with blue eyes and sleek fur.

Family line/ Education

Fernfrost was born to Swiftriver and Darkpebble in RippleClan. She was apprenticed by

Hareclaw, and she loved him dearly. She started meeting a young tom named Ashpaw from WolfClan. The two became close to each other and snuck out every night to meet him. Later her mentor, Hareclaw, was gravely injured. Voidstar, the cruel leader of RippleClan, had him killed. When Fernpaw defended her beloved mentor, Voidstar ordered his warriors to wound her and leave her to die. However Ashpaw found her and brought her to WolfClan. She was fortunately accepted by Rainstar. She became mates with Ashblaze, but that meant that her kits were half-Clan. She gave birth to Shimmerkit, Snowkit, Weaslekit and Harekit shortly after she joined the Clan. She was also given Lizardpaw as an apprentice. After her first kits became warriors, and one a Medicine Cat she was given another apprentice, Whitherpaw, but he later died of Greencough during Leaf-bare. She then gave birth to three more kits, Fuzzykit, Moonkit and Cricketkit. They received their warrior names after her first daughter, Shimmerstar became leader.

WolfClan Book One: Ashes of Hope

Fernpaw is first introduced spying on her Clan from the large cliff wall that surrounds the RippleClan camp. She notices that Voidstar had called a meeting, and that many of the RippleClan cats looked shocked and unhappy. She leaped down from the wall to see what was going on, only to hear Voidstar issue the new Clan law, saying that StarClan did not exist- he was the only ruler. He went on further to say that injured and elderly cats were a bother and would be killed- he even stated that RippleClan would no longer have a Medicine Cat and banned Herbsong from his duties. Confused and a little scared, Fernpaw inquired her mother, Swiftriver, on what was happening. Her mother answered to just listen. Even though Fernpaw was young, she understood enough of what was happening to make her afraid.

Several moons later, Fernpaw was out on a border patrol with her mentor Hareclaw and two other warriors, Finsplash and Emberwater. Fernpaw fell behind because of the fierce wind that was blowing. Hareclaw asked his apprentice gently if she was all right, and she said that she was just tired from all the patrols Voidstar had issued that day. Then, being cautious, she asked her mentor what he thought of the hardhearted Voidstar. She was relieved that her mentor shared the same thoughts as her, and that he thought Voidstar was a cruel and evil cat, nothing like the previous leader, Singestar. Fernpaw asked why Singestar had even made him deputy if he was so evil, and Hareclaw said that Singestar had not seen the darkness in Voidstar's heart.