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Fernpaw is a white and ginger she-cat. Her eyes are a golden amber and she has a lithe build, distinguishing her from the stockier, well-muscled warriors of BrambleClan. She was born a kittypet and still retains some of that extra pudge, especially around her middle.

Fernpaw's ears are tufted, however, and her tail is unusually long - it's tip is black, as are her ears. Several small black stripes slice across the ginger patches on her otherwise white fur.

She often wears a sprig of lavender tucked in her neck fur, or at her ear - she likes to think that it makes her look beautiful.


Fernpaw is a flamboyant she-cat. She's dramatic and feels like she's the worst cat in the entire world, especially when she messes something up...

Fernpaw doesn't know of her devious tendencies - she thinks it's just a skill of getting what she wants. She's also naive and not the sharpest claw on the paw, so to say.

Fernpaw demands attention from anyone, and will go to great length to receive this. She's incredibly disorganized and scatter-brained, but feels overly competitive when around other medicine cat apprentices.

She is very vain, often trying to catch her reflection in the waters of a nearby river, puddle or creek - anything works. Fernpaw frets over her appearance constantly, and will become devastated if something happens that ruins her physical appearance.