Fernstar is a stocky, brown tabby she-cat with pale green eyes and a heavily scarred face. Her short tail is kinked in the middle - a bone that never healed right - and her claws are chipped and worn.

Fernstar has a lighter underbelly, which is also ravaged by heavy scarring - this time from a pair of badgers' attack on the camp. This had taken place when Fernstar had still been deputy, with the the name Fernmist.


Rough, edgy and a little irritable, Fernstar used to be a cool and somewhat frigid she-cat. Leadership took a toll, however, and now Fernstar bides her time, keeping a hunched and sullen attitude towards most things.

Fernstar is an unhappy she-cat, but she doesn't intend to be - she tries to look on the positive side of things, but that's harder said than done., of course...


  • She was originally going to be a tom-cat.
  • Her name was going to be Darkstar, but this was scrapped.
  • Her mate was a rogue, but she never saw him again after he abandoned her and Shadowmist in leaf-bare.
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