Fogstar is a dark gray tom with long limbs and amber eyes.


Fogstar is strong and protective over his clan. He is very generous most of the time and does what he can to keep his clan safe from danger.


Fogkit was born in ShadeClan, a few hours after Ravenkit and Duskkit were born. Splashpetal and Addertooth, his parents, said that the look of his eyes fortold that he would become a leader someday.

When he was apprenticed, Sandwhisker was selected to mentor him. Despite being slightly strict, Sandwhisker enjoyed training Fogpaw to be at his best. And he tried to be the greatest fighter, and had done well in his assessment.

He earned his warrior name at the same time as Ravenpaw because she decided that she really wanted it to happen. So Ravenpaw became Ravenflight and Fogpaw became Fogcloud.

A moon later, Fogcloud asked Ravenflight if she wanted to help him start a clan. She agreed, so they formed FogClan. Fogcloud became the leader and is now known as Fogstar.



Fogstar loves Ravenflight dearly, and would do anything to keep her safe. He would even die for her.