Ganthersbury is a small town where there is a large forest called Ganther's Great Forest. That forest is home to five Clans: LightClan, NatureClan, TidalClan, FernoClan and TerrorClan. These five Clans must obey these rules called the Clan Codes. Here are the Clan Codes:

Clan Codes

1. Stay loyal to your clan. You may have friendships with cats from other clans but keep your loyalty, as one day you may face them in battle.

2. No tresspassing on another clan's territory, including hunting.

3. Elders, Queens and Kits must eat before Apprentices or Warriors. If an Apprentice or Warrior is injured or sick, they may eat at the time of the Elders, Queens and Kits.

4. Prey is killed only to be eaten. Do not mess around with it. Remember to thank MirageClan for its life.

5. To become an apprentice, a kit has to be at least 6 moons old.

6. Newly named warriors will keep a silent vigil for one night, a time to think about being a warrior.

7. A cat can only become deputy if they have mentored at least one apprentice.

8. The Clan Deputy will become leader after the current leader dies or retires.

9. When the deputy dies, retires or is exiled, the new deputy must be appointed before moonhigh.

10. A truce is held by the Great Rowan Tree, where all four clans meet up for a night of peace. No fighting at this time or MirageClan will reveal their anger.

11. Borders must be checked and marked daily. Any cat that dares cross the border must be challenged.

12. A warrior cannot leave a kit to be in pain or danger, even if it belongs to a queen from another clan.

13. Respect the words of the clan leader.

14. A true warrior does not kill to win a battle, unless they are outside the code or it is necessary.

15. A warrior should reject the life of a kittypet, meaning they must not become one.

Here is what is in the forest.

Clan Territories


LightClan territory is a large crater that looks like it has been made by a meteor. The leader's den is curtained with leaves and is beside a large rock called the Sun Rock. There is a medicine den which is a big hole carved into the side of the crater, on the left of the leader's den. The warriors den is further down, and is also a carving in the crater walls. The apprentices den is opposite that. The nursery is a carving next to the warriors den, and a huge fallen log is the home of the elders.