In Ganthersbury, there aren't just clans and their territories - there are also rogue cats, prowling around, ready to attack at any moment. But there are also loners, nice cats that don't live in clans.



SUNNY - Tortoiseshell she-cat.

BINGO - Dark grey tom, leader of rogue group Hissing B's.

BUZZARD - Light brown tom with a white underbelly, part of rogue group Hissing B's.

BLITZ - Grey tom with a lightning shaped scar, part of rogue group Hissing B's.

ANNOYING - Annoying brown tom that steals prey and snorts a lot.


TRUDI - White dappled she-cat.

SMOKE - Smoky black tom that lives on the farm.

FLUFFY - White she-cat that lives on the farm with Smoke.

PADDY - Old dark grey tom that lives by the sea.

SPARKLE - Black-and-White-Dappled collarless kittypet she-cat.

PUDDLE - Large grey kittypet.

JET - Jet black tom.

BIRD - Light brown she-cat, green eyes, lives with Jet.

MELODY - Light brown she-cat, blue eyes, lives with Jet and Bird.

ICE - Pure white tom.

DIPPER - Young black tom that lives in the pine forest.