Hello,all you wild cats!Or if you're a kittypet,hey.You're probably in my neighborhood and also probably know me.Or not.Either way,you can mostly agree to this.I think.Anyways,this is going to be a journal I write in daily.Hope you enjoy kinda stalking me.Especially you,Popcorn.Go smush your face into your litterbox,you little creep.

Day 1,the 17th day of the 12th moon,year 2016(whatever that is)

Today I caught something.It was a butterfly.At least,I thought it was a butterfly.It also might've been either a moth or a feather,but whatever.Also,I got dry food today for sneaking out to meet Smuck.Smuck lives nextdoor,and he's a handsome gray tabby.I might have a crush on him.MIGHT.Today was mostly fun.Except for the dry food.And me becoming fat.

Day 2

Another day.Smuck moved away.No considerable events or spectacles.