Luke is a golden tabby tom with dark amber eyes. he is very fluffy.


Luke has gotten a bit lazy, but still acts pretty kit-like. he loves his mate, Turtle, and his sister, Moon. He likes being a kittypet.


Luke was born just outside of FogClan territory to Amber, a loner, and Mason, a kittypet. Mason didn't want to be a father, so he left Amber before she had her kits. Amber had her two kits in a den she had made in a hole in a tree. She named the she-kit Moon and the tom Luke. Luke and His sister had a very close bond. when he was 6 1/2 moons old, he was hunting with his siter when they ran into a FogClan patrol

The patrol leader asked them if they wanted to join FogClan. they immediately said no. they walked back to their mother. amber told them it was time they met their father.

Amber walked them to Mason's twoleg den. he met them with surprise, then muttered, "Let's get this over with." Luke ended up taking a liking to the life he saw as a kittypet and decided to stay with twolegs. but not with his father.

Moon was devastated. she didn't want to be a kittypet, but life as a loner didn't feel right without both Luke and her mother. so she went to the next best thing: FogClan.

Luke liked living with his housefolk. his father wanted nothing to do with him, but he didn't care. he had a comfortable life, and luckily his twolegs didn't have a dog. they did have another cat though.

the other cat's name was Turtle. she was a very beautiful cat, around the same age as Luke. Luke loved her. he always tried to make her happy.

when they were almost a year old, he asked her to be his mate. she said yes.

at 12 moons, Moonpaw was given the warrior name Moonglow. in her first day as a warrior, she went to the border closest to twoleg place, hoping to see her brother. she saw the den he had gone to stay at, and walked over.

Luke saw her and decided to try and sneak up on her, but she heard him almost instantly. he gave up and just called out to his sister.

She told him about clan life, and how much she missed him.