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Maplemist is the odd silver tabby of BrambleClan. Her main colour is a pale, white-gray, while her stripes are a darker shade of gray, cutting jagged lines through her silver pelt. Her eyes are a pale blue, with darker edges.

Maplemist is built like any other BrambleClan warrior, however. Her frame is solid and muscular, and she moves with precision, each action meant to mean something.

Her tail is tipped with black, as are her ears, and she only has three claws in her forepaw - she tore out the others one in a battle with rogues, and she likes to think that this makes her look tough.


Maplemist. A taciturn she-cat with little patience for frivolousness. She doesn't particularly care what others think of her, and she's confident in herself - every thought, every decision; she feels little regret.

Maplemist can be stubborn, even unreasonably so - she has an iron will and mindset. It's rare for her to yield, and when she does it's often after great difficulty and strife

She has no sense of humour, being a serious cat, and she doesn't particularly enjoy it when other Clanmates murmur about how she's a stick in the mud.


  • Maplemist's name was inspired by Mapleshade.
  • She was originally going to be a calico she-cat.