Here is a list of herbs Medicine Cats use. This may include canon herbs.


Poppy Seed help numbs pain and calms cats down

Long Seed are good for redcough and fox bites

Short Seed is a miniature version of Long Seed.Unlike long seed, it gives cats greencough


Death Berries (yew) are poisonous

Juniper Berries give strength to cats and are used in traveling leaf wraps

Sap and Fruit

Sap is a herb that make cats sleepy

Maple Sap is a rare type of Sap that is a treat used to rid cats of parasites

Apples are yummy to cats

Lemons are a more common fruit that helps treat ticks and fleas

Honey is a delicious treat and is commonly used for green, white, and redcough.

Flowers and Plants

Marigold is used for infection

Lilies are used to treat scratches

Fire Flowers are good for rat bites, whitecough, and avian- related injuries

Catmint is used for greencough

Tansy gives cats ability to stave off hunger and is used in traveling leaf wraps

Animal Parts (and Products)

Mouse bile is used to treat ticks

Rabbit ears are used for poison.

Starling feathers are used for ceremonial purposes, but also to help in dislodging ticks

Cobwebs are used for keeping blood in