Welcome to the Name Generator! This will give you random warrior names that you can use. Created and run by Adrestia. Add as many, and i mean MANY names as you want in here. You don't need to ask! Add your names in the comments, on the page, whereever over here!

This generator will generate you prefixes and suffixes for certain roles.

These are Warrior names only, there are no tribe, kittypet, rogue, etc names here. However, I am considering them being added. Please don't complain that there is no other names here. Though the prefix given can possibly be used as a kittypet name, like Pine when he stepped down from Pinestar to become a kittypet. -Adrestia

At the top you will find the prefix, in which the suffixes can be found below the prefix. The prefix is in bold text. You might love it or hate it!

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Kit: Fawnkit

Apprentice: Fawnpaw

Medicine cat: Fawnwhisker

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