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Nightfern is a brown tabby tom. He is more lithe than the average BrambleClan cat, and his paws are white - as is his chest.

Specks of cream coloured fur dot his face, merging with his black stripes. His main colour is a medium brown, with darker highlights near his face, shoulders and tail.

Nightfern's is a muscular tom and excels at swimming - while other BrambleClan cats recoil at the thought of eating fish, he enjoys it immensely, and shares this with his daughter, Echokit.

However, Nightfern bears no scars - a testimony to his young age.


Nightfern is a resourceful, level-headed cat; he sticks to tasks until the job gets done, and he will try to find the bright side to life's events.

Nightfern doesn't panic easily, a trait that he obtained during his time as a medicine cat apprentice. Now, he uses this when locked in battle, and it is this that makes him such a valuable fighter - if it weren't for his young age, it's likely that he would have been promoted to deputy.

While other cats may be prone to mood swings, Nightfern has a level temper, switching emotions slowly and with precision. Each one leads to another, and he has the demeanour of someone you can rely on.

However, Nightfern isn't imaginative. He finds it hard to tackle abstract thoughts, and he takes better care of others than he does himself - to a point where he puts himself at risk.