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Oakleaf is a brown tabby tom. He is lithe and agile, with long fur and a white chest and paws. His eyes are a light shade of yellow-green, with flashes of orange edging the bottom half of his pupil.

Oakleaf is unscarred, as he is a new warrior - his warrior ceremony was only two moons ago. Because of this, he finds it a little difficult to fit in with the Clan - the other warriors treat him like a kit and the apprentices treat him like - well, like a warrior.

Even so, Oakleaf tries his best. He has a wiry strength and uses his wits in order to fight, besting many BrambleClan cats, who rely on their power and muscle when in battle.


Oakleaf is a natural loner - in fact, before he joined BrambleClan, he was a loner known as Flycatcher.

Oakleaf shows little emotion, being a reserved cat - he doesn't like becoming too close to anyone, either. He wants to stay alone and doesn't like it when cats try to strike up conversation with him.

Some cats think him superficial and dull because of this. Even as an apprentice, Oakleaf had been serious and withdrawn, not really acknowledging the approval nor disapproval of his mentors and the other apprentices.


  • Oakleaf was originally going to be a white cat with tabby patches.
  • His name was going to be Pinetail.