Petalpaw was originally a kittypet - he was named by the youngest daughter of the Twoleg family that raised him, and so he was christened 'Petal' - something that his sister teases him about relentlessly.

Petalpaw is a white tom overall, making him stand out like a sore thumb among the other BrambleClan cats. He has patches of brown tabby fur on his back, face and tail, and his eyes are a golden-amber - with hints of orange, dusk and green.

Petalpaw walks with a slight limp - a training accident had caused him to break his hind leg, and it never quite healed properly. He's able to put a little weight on it, but not enough to stand on it for an extended period of time.


Petalpaw is somewhat demanding, though he doesn't try to be, and he can be a little (a lot) critical when it comes to others asking for his advice.

Petalpaw is always anxious that he's not the best, always worrying that his injury hinders him and thus makes him less - despite the constant reassurances of his mentor, Darkstorm. Fernpaw's teasing doesn't help, either - he's done his best to ignore her, but it still hurts.

This being said, Petalpaw is vulnerable when it comes to criticism. Everything - no matter how small or kindly said - is a blow to him and his ego, and he takes it very personally.

Overall, though, Petalpaw is a good-natured tom.