Unlike Warriors Wiki, who have layouts for apprentices, warriors, medicine cat and leaders, all of these layouts can be used for anycat despite their rank. Make sure to change the name of the layout to your character after you customize it but don't cant the layouts here. You are free to add you own layouts but keep them simle and general so all users cat find one for their cats. Ypu can chage the feactures, if your cat is a long-hair or a short-hair, if needed but only for you character. You can change the face on you character, fur or shape. The right postion can make a cat have a personality different from another. You can have backgroups or not and if you got somethign better then just paint go ahead and make you cat wild.

Make your character unique and remember to save as your character name before uploading it here!


You can make you character simple with a background!


Or you can make you cat complicated with no background!


Or with a real backgroup!

Shadowface WhiskerClan

Go crazy on coat patterns!

New cat designs! We got some new cat styles from a nice person on DeviantART. Also comes with coat patterns for tabbies and spotted cats too. There are a few blanks with shading as well. All the artist has to do is save the new styles and use paint on their compture!. Copy and paste while using transparent select over the blanks, there are spots and tabbies for short and long hair too. There are even eys and noses to make your cat that just more unique!

Cats Layouts