Quailfern is a lithe, brown tabby tom with amber eyes. Unlike many MinnowClan cats he has short fur and large ears - the sign of a talented mouser.

Quailfern has a white chest and paws, as well as a black tipped tail. His relatives often tell him that he looks very much like his father - a ThunderClan warrior, lost in a storm...and someone he has never met.

Despite being half ThunderClan, Quailfern feels little to no loyalty to his father's Clan - he has never interacted with any ThunderClan cats, as they reside on the other side of the mountains that border MinnowClan's territory. He could care less, too - his focus is on his own Clanmates.

Extra Information

Quailfern is a trustful cat. He rarely displays hostility, and he has a very narrow range of what he likes to do - as long as he's around cats he gets along with, Quailfern is content.

He's not particularly ambitious - sure, he'd become deputy if he had the chance to, or even the leader; but Quailfern would see it as an off-to-the-side, unimportant aspect of his life.

Quailfern can be a pleasant enough tom, though. He rarely - if at all - understands jokes, and he tends to be overly innocent.

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