Ravenoelt is a black and grey tom cat who suffered many battle scars throughout his life. The most devoted to fighting he sees it as its the best way to protect his clan. He is the mentor to Nightcloud and trained him constantly to be one of the best warriors BriarClan had to offer. He survived injuries such as a clawed eye a missing chunk of his ear, a long scratch down his back right leg and a clawed muzzle.

Ravenpelt's Head

Ravenpelt's head view

 Warriors: Cats of the Swamp Lands

Born at Moonhigh

The Story of Nightcloud's Kit and Apprentice life in BriarClan. Talk of a warrior who's size is unbelievable causes quite the stir in the 4 of the 5 clans. Could that remaining clan use this warrior to conqure the Swamp Lands?

Blood in the Swamp

Nightcloud and his friends are now full warriors of BrairClan. But with no time to celebrate a murder of a MarshClan cat on BriarClan's territory turns the two clans against each other worst than the normal clan rivalry. Nightcloud, Icepelt and Mosstail try to clear BriarClan's name and bring the real murderer to justice. It seemed easier said than done when an unknown cat tries to stop them.

Betrayal in the Briar Patch

After solving the MarshClan murder another cat was murdered but this time was a BriarClan cat. Ravenpelt was quick to blame MarshClan but the faint scent of a BriarClan member was present. The clan starts to crumble as old friends start to turn on each other, Nightcloud and Crowstar try to keep the peace as Icepelt and Mosstail try to solve this mystery.