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Ravensong is a jet black she-cat. She is solidly built, and her eyes are a pale shade of gold.

Ravensong hails from a kittypet background - her name had been Ebony, up until she became a warrior of BrambleClan. She served under the rule of the original leader, Bramblestar, as an apprentice, and it was he who gave her her warrior name.

Ravensong is pure black all over, save for several white hairs on her chest - hardly noticeable until she points them out. Her ears are tufted and her shoulders lined with old scars.


Ravensong is a jealous, resentful she-cat. She can be reserved and withdrawn, someone who doesn't enjoy idle conversation, and she always feels misunderstood.

Whatever hostility she feels, however, is often suppressed into passiveness. She wants to try hard at tasks and actually apply herself, but she always looks on the negative side - "I'm going to fail this time. I know it."

Ravensong shows flashes of temper, in short but fierce bursts. She doesn't like it when others are a higher rank than her.

Though she may seem like a friendly cat at first - someone you could easily befriend - she becomes worse as you get to know her, complaining often and trying to control those around her.

Cats try to steer clear of Ravensong. She infuriates them, but they feel a loyalty to her - as Ravensong was the one who saved Fernstar, the BrambleClan leader, from a rogue attack.


  • Ravensong was going to be a mild-mannered rogue who joined BrambleClan later in life.
  • Her name was going to be Ebonyflight.
  • She was going to have green eyes.