Redblaze is my (Blazeofredfire) main OC and Catsona. She will appear in many different fan fictions. So not all information on this page will be the same as in fan fictions and will probably just be on this page.

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Description Edit

Redblaze is a muscular, long furred reddish-ginger tabby she cat with tufts on her ears and amber eyes.

She has a few scars and a tear in her right ear. She is said to bear strong resemblance to her grandfather- Redwind.

Personality Edit

Redblaze has a strong sense of right and wrong. She is not scared to challenge this but will often try and find another way out other than battles. This means that some cats think she is weak but she personally thinks she is strong. She is a caring cat and will fiercely defend those she loves.

As an apprentice, she was skilled at battle training but was often distracted when hunting- causing her mentor a lot of exasperation. She has had several encounters with Violet the sister and although they are sometimes violent they are friends. She is also a little clumsy ( well little is a bit of an understatement but...).

Redblaze takes great strains to understand others emotions and so has developed a strong empathy and if another cat is sad she will feel it too.

Backstory Edit

Redblaze was born as Redkit to two RiverClan warriors- Ripplebreeze and Riversong- alongside her siblings, Bluestream and Greynose. She often spent her kithood investigating the camp and even snuck out sometimes. One day, she snuck out of camp and stumbled onto WindClan territory where she met a kit who had also snuck out of her camp named Eaglekit. They soon became good friends. When Redblaze became an apprentice. She soon excelled in battle skills and strength but frustrated her mentor by getting distracted easily and sometimes falling into the river as she lost focus. She soon met Eaglepaw at gatherings and they spent long lengths of time chatting. Redblaze received her warrior name with the suffix "blaze" to represent her personality and her bright pelt. She still talked to Eaglepaw (now Eagleflight) and spent a while as a normal RiverClan warrior. When the leader (Echostar) died she succeeded Daisytail as deputy. Redblaze had been feeling for a tom named Silverlight for a while and took him as her mate. They are not yet expecting kits but could have them in the future.

Trivia Edit

  • Redblaze is a quarter ThunderClan through her mother Riversong
  • She hopes to become leader one day and make RiverClan the greatest clan around the lake
  • She is a proud Hufflepuff!

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