Rockpool LightClan
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Clan(s) MirageClan, LightClan (formerly)
Gender Tom
Rank Medicine Cat
Basic Info
Parents Monkeytail and Mintshade
Litter-Mate(s) Sparrowsong, Firwhisker
Mentor(s) Poppynose
Apprentice(s) Marshrunner


Rockkit was the youngest kit of Sparrowkit and Firkit, to their parents, Blackcloud and Tigerblaze, the first litter.


After admiring Poppynose and her herbs, Rockkit chose the path of a medicine cat. Enjoying it, he decided to stay and learn about herbs and how to use them to heal cats.

Becoming a full med cat

During a visit to the Nightpool, Poppynose gave Rockpaw his full name, Rockpool. After this he had a good destiny, except for one part, when Poppynose was tragically killed by a rogue cat.

Earning an apprentice

When Marshkit, Rainkit and Hollykit were born, Rockpool was pleased when Marshkit told him he was interested in becoming a medicine cat, so when he was apprenticed, Marshpaw became his apprentice.


When Marshpaw was ready to earn his name, Rockpool was killed, by a rogue cat, the night before Nightpool departure, so Rockpool named him in his dream and is now known as Marshrunner.


Rockpool was a dark grey tom with green eyes and a bushy tail.