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Rookwing is a ginger tabby tom with tufted black ears and tail. His eyes are large and dark golden, and his paws are a dusk-coloured tan - similar to the shade of his underbelly.

Rookwing has a kinked tail and walks with a slight limp - he had been caught in the mesh of a fence and had had to be rescued by a pair of Twolegs. This has been the subject of jokes and gossip for many moons now, and Rookwing takes it with an easy grace.

As for his stature, Rookwing is short and muscular. He lost any kitten fluff during apprentice training and now looks and acts the part of a mature warrior.


Rookwing is a gentle tom at heart, and he would throw himself in harm's way in order to save someone who he loved. He can also be shy when around strangers, and he often doesn't understand jokes - though he tries to take this with a level and cool head.

Rookwing isn't clever or very practical, and when he makes suggestions they are often impossibilites all together, or with a negligible chance of success. Even then, he hasn't stopped giving out suggestions, and his Clanmates haven't stopped receiving them.