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Rosecloud is a warm brown tabby, with chestnut highlights and pale amber eyes. She has a white chest and paws, and her fur is long and fluffy - hinting at her kittypet background.

Rosecloud still has the tattered remains of her collar, which is nothing more than a few twined strands of blue yarns. She keeps this in her nest, where no one sees, and is known to carry it from time to time when worried or stressed.

Although she lacks the muscular stature of a BrambleClan cat, Rosecloud is known to be fierce, especially when kits and apprentices are involved.


Rosecloud is an outgoing and talkative cat, and she can be very enthusiastic and irregular. The cats of the Clan were amazed when she settled for a life in the nursery - even more amazed at how well she's raising her kits.

Rosecloud isn't easily intimidated, but she's also reckless, adventurous and curious. She's also hopeful and brightly optimistic - anyone you ask would say that she's the morale counsellor for warriors and kits alike.

She is social and personable, if a little flighty and irregular. She can make for some very haphazard company, being more than a little emotional.

Rosecloud keeps the other two queens of BrambleClan company as well, making sure that they don't feel too caved in by the confines of the nursery and chatting whenever she feels the urge to.


  • Rosecloud was going to be a calm, serious cat.
  • Her daughter's name, Cherrykit, is inspired by her mother - a she-cat named Cherry.