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Rosetail is a warrior of ThunderClan. She has a brown tabby pelt and golden-amber eyes, and her underbelly is the colour of birch wood.

Rosetail has an unusually long tail (hence the name), and shares this particular trait with her RiverClan father, Darkmist. As a kit her paws had been stained with the juices of medicinal herbs, due to her avid interest in plants and their properties.


Rosetail can be a reckless, haphazardous she-cat, especially when around something new and exciting. She throws herself at her work - whether it's picking fleas from the pelts of elders or going on a hunting patrol with her fellow Clanmates.

Rosetail isn't the sharpest claw on the paw, but she gets around, trying to do her best. She can be hot-headed and prone to unexpected mood swings - making her personality even more abstract and strange.

Rosetail is also fiercely loyal to ThunderClan. She wishes that cats would stop questioning this: just because her father is of RiverClan, doesn't mean that she is, too - anyone who says otherwise is just asking for trouble.



Rosetail has a close bond with her mother, Larkfall. During a time when her loyalties were questioned much more vocally, Rosetail found support and solitude in her mother.


Rosetail has seen her RiverClan father only at Gatherings, or perhaps a glimpse of him when they are on border patrol. She doesn't particularly like him, but she doesn't hate him, either - she tries to understand what it must be like from his perspective, too...though without much success.


Rosetail feels that she was a second mentor to her brother, having trained with him from the time they were new, six-moon-old apprentices. It was she who helped him nail the hunting techniques, and it was she who stayed up with him long after the sun set in order to practice battle drills.


Rosetail loves her little sister, but in a more condescending way - she's fiercely protective of her as well, often snapping stinging retorts at those who dare make fun of Mosspaw.