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Shadesong is a jet black she-cat, with short fur and a lithe frame. Her eyes are a yellow-gold and a flash of white glows on her chest, like freshly fallen snow on a sheet of obsidian.

Shadesong's ears are tufted, as is her tail - hinting at distant BrambleClan blood. Even so, Shadesong was born and raised a loner, and joined the Clan only recently - along with her adopted son, Larchkit.

Shadesong is blind in one eye, due to a jagged scar that stretches from her temple to the bottom of her jaw. Her claws are white, and her paws tipped with mere traces of white and silver fur.

It is unknown as to what Shadesong's exact age is, but it's thought that she ages at around four years.


It's not that Shadesong's unhappy - it's that she's withdrawn. Born a loner, is a loner, and forever will be a loner - that's her motto, and one that she holds very close to her heart.

Shadesong is a cat who seems vague and cold, like someone who isn't really there. Many overlook her, and she's fine with that - she doesn't want to be noticed, and she sticks to the background, where she hopes no one will see her.

Even to her adopted son is Shadesong somewhat withdrawn, but much less so - she likes the idea of having someone depend on her, and she likes being trusted; though she's still somewhat overwhelmed by the feeling.

Rosecloud, one of the two other queens in the nursery, often tries to strike up conversations with Shadesong, but the she'll usually try to politely ask her to go away. Or much less politely, if Rosecloud insists on pressing matters...