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Shadowmist is a light silver tabby. Her eyes are a pale blue-silver-gray, and her paws are tipped with white - as is her tail.

She has medium-length fur, not too long--but not exactly short, either. Her black ears are tufted and so is her tail, and she has feather-like wisps of fur near the base of her paws, head and throat.

She looks insubstantial and cloudy, someone who could blow away at the slightest gust of wind. She isn't particularly muscular, either, and is rather withdrawn, keeping to herself in an almost aloof way.


Shadowmist is a reserved cat, but not necessarily sad or unhappy. She has good concentration and doesn't suffer from severe bouts of stress - in fact, once you get to know her and she opens up to you, she can actually be quite humourous and easygoing.

Shadowmist is also adept at solving problems, and she doesn't like having to depend on others. She wants to be responsible for her own life, and doesn't want anyone "looking out for her." She's on her own, and will only confide in those close to her - Nightfern and Fernstar.

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