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Shimmerstar is a beautiful grayish-white she-cat with sky blue eyes and grayish paws. She has long, sleek fur and a narrow muzzle.

Family line/Education/rank

Shimmerstar was born to Fernfrost and Ashblaze in WolfClan along with her sister Snowshine, who later became a Medicine Cat, and her two brothers Weaslewhisker and Harespring. She was apprenticed to Snakeclaw and later became a Warrior, receiving her name Shimmercloud. She had two apprentices during the time that she was a warrior, Foxpaw (Foxfang) and Petalpaw (Petalfoot). Shortly before Shimmerstar became deputy, her mother, Fernfrost, gave birth to three more kits; Cricketkit, Fuzzykit and Moonkit. She became deputy after the former one, Cloudheart, died, and became leader after Rainstar lost his last life. She was leader for one year before her old mentor Snakeclaw died in the elder's den. She then took on a young she-cat Wolfpaw to apprentice, and was proud to give her her warrior name Wolfstrike.

During her deputyship, Shimmerstar became mates with Kestrelheart. She had four kits shortly after she became leader; Sunkit, Turtlekit, Violetkit and Willowkit.


  • Shimmerstar never wanted her sister Snowshine to become a Medicine Cat when they were kits
  • Flowerheart, her sworn enemy, tried to kill Shimmerstar with deathberries while she was still a warrior even though they were Clanmates!
  • Dark, a rogue cat, took Shimmerstar hostage and forced her to become his mate against his will even though she already had one; Kestrelstorm! Her Clan saved her, but Shimmerstar later gave birth to Dark's kits, Spiderkit, Blossomkit and Hawkkit. No one else in the Clan knew about the kits' true father except for Kestrelstorm!

Behind the Scenes

  • Her original name was Starlingkit, but I decided to give her a more beautiful name- Shimmerkit
  • Shimmerstar was created three years ago, and she was originally part of ThunderClan and mentored by Graystripe, but I changed all that and made my Clan and characters completely fanon. I changed her mentor to Snakeclaw and her Clan name to WolfClan