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Skyfrost is a lithe ginger tabby, with cream markings near his muzzle, paws and chest. It's clear that he's not of BrambleClan blood - his mother was a runaway kittypet and his father a loner, and they had joined BrambleClan shortly before he was born.

Skyfrost's eyes are amber, almost a light topaz, and he has a white flash on his chest - just a small snippet of fur that is a pure, blinding white, earning his name - Skyfrost.

Like many kits, Skyfrost was born with blue eyes - his mother had been hopeful that he would grow up with this, but by the time he was an apprentice his eyes had changed colour entirely.


Skyfrost is a light hearted tom. He rarely feels angry, and when he does it's usually a slow, creeping emotion that takes hours to fully blaze. He can be somewhat oblivious and carefree, making him unintentionally reckless.

Though Skyfrost attempts to be the mediator, he's more the one who needs to be looked after in a battle, the one who needs someone at his back. He tries to shrug off a feeling of helplessness, knowing full well that his Clanmates treat him differently because of his blood.

Skyfrost takes every opportunity to prove his worth. He hunts, fights, gathers - though not very successful, he certainly tries.


  • Skyfrost was going to have a sister named Dewfeather - this may be reality soon enough.