The Hero of the Night's main characters are: Burnedheart, Stormheart, Soulstar (R.I.P Soulstar)

"Two stars burn bright across the sky, they travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flickers out and the darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the remaining star.

Book 1: The seas of pain


Two cats appeared near a small hill. Dogs barked at the smell of the cats. Their owner came out a yelled something at them and the dog's barking faded. One of the cats was as black as a burned log, the other had beautiful blue and white fur. The blue and white cat followed the black cat up the small hill. They sheltered, under a large leaf, from the rain. "How are we getting up there?" Asked the blue and white cat. The black cat shook his head and replied, "I dont know Stormheart. I really dont know." Stormheart sighed and looked at the black cat. Not long ago this black cat saved her life from drowning in a stream. "Burnedheart," She started, "why did we leave during the rainy season?" Burnedheart looked into the sky and shook his head, "It was supposed to be a clear and warm day today." The two cats huddled close to each other as lighting and thunder was added to the down poor. The she-cat leaned on the tom and stared out on to the land. The black tom looked at Stormheart and licked her head. They curled around one another and fell asleep in the worst part of the storm. As they slept, Stormheart moaned, "Two stars burn bright across the sky... they travel far away to a new home... A home in trouble of a dark coldness...."

Chapter 1: The burning prophecy

The storm cleared over night and a beautiful grey she-cat padded out of her den. "Morning Soulstar." meowed her friend. "Good-morning Stemfoot." Stemfoot was a brown-ish grey tom with small amber eyes. Soulstar stretched her legs and jumped down to Stemfoot. "Stemfoot," Soulstar started, "Wake up Winterfur and Cocoheart please." Stemfoot nodded and padded over to the warriors den. Soulstar looked around and spotted Mingfeather. Soulstar padded over to the elder and sat next to her, "How are you feeling?" Mingfeather opened her old jade eyes and meowed horsely, "Im fine. How are you, Soulstar?"

"I'm doing fine for now." Soulstar answered. Mingfeather nodded and said, "Your father would be proud of you. His daughter, leading NightClan. That must have been a dream come true for both you and him." Soulstar nodded. Mingfeather was the oldest elder in NightClan. Her brown fur was growing darker and her gold fur was almost un-noticeable.

"Soulstar," A voice meowed, "Stemfoot said you wanted to see us." Cocoheart was a light brown she-cat who was know for her energy. Right behind her was Winterfur, a black cat with white spots on his fur that looked like snow. "Yes, Cocoheart, I need you two to go for border partol." Soulstar ordered softly. Cocoheart smiled and nodded, while Winterfur stretched his legs and yawned out, "Can't it wait? I need more sleep." Cocoheart reared up and yowled at Winterfur, "You lazy scrap of fur! An elder has more energy than you!" Mingfeather turned her head and meowed, "I heard that." Winterfur gave a look that really said 'whatever' but went with Cocoheart for border partol. A white and brown spotted tom padded over to Soulstar, "Hey Soulstar. How life?" Soulstar smiled and said, "I'm fine Echoclaw. How's Wingfur?" Echoclaw was a strong warrior and had one sister and one brother. Wingfur was his sister and she was very shy. She was a glossy brown with two black front paws. Echoclaw's brother, Wildclaw, was orange-ish brown. "Wingfur is resting Soulstar. I think shes still broken up about her hunting mix up." Soulstar nodded and twitched her tail for him to gather his siblings. Echoclaw nodded and padded off.

Stemfoot sat next to Soulstar and asked, "What are we going to do about Wingfur? She has messed up more than once." Soulstar turned to her deputy and answered, "We keep a close eye on her. Thats all we can do for now." Stemfoot nodded and padded away.

Cocoheart and Winterfur walked the border of FrostClan, an evil clan that threatened NightClan with constant battles. "I wish I could rip apart one of those rat eaters!" Winterfur hissed. Cocoheart turned to him and said, "You can hardly catch a hawk, let alone fight a FrostClan warrior." Winterfur sighed and the two cats continued along the path. As they continued they saw a pitch black pelt lying under a large leaf, "Another casualty?" Asked Cocoheart. Winterfur squinted to get a closer look and saw the figure was breathing. "Come on," He meowed, "Lets check it out!" The two cats ran down to the black pelt and skidded to a stop. "Theres two cats here!" Whispered Cocoheart. Winterfur sniffed them over and whispered, "They don't smell like NightClan." The black cat woke first and noticed Cocoheart and Winterfur. The black cat sprung backward and arched his back. The blue and white spotted she-cat followed the black one, "Who are you?!" Hissed the black cat. "We are NightClan warriors." Winterfur spat back, "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" The black cat calmed by a little and said, "I'm Burnedheart and this is Stormheart. We didn't think there was a clan this far in the mountains."

Cocoheart smiled and asked, "Well what brings you so far up?" Stormheart padded forward and said, "Well ... new clan life." Burnedheart nodded. Winterfur held his gaze but said, "A new clan life? Where were you heading?" Burnedheart looked around and meowed, "We were once OceanClan warriors. I guess we fled because of a badger attack. We needed a new clan to live in but this place seemed like no clans lived here." Winterfur nodded, "We keep to ourselves most of the time. That is why you didn't know we were up here."

"What clan are you guys from?" Stormheart asked. Cocoheart opened up with a smile, "NightClan." Winterfur sighed and said, "What if they're FrostClan spies?!" Burnedheart felt Winterfur fighting spirit was raging for a fight, but Burnedheart stayed were he was, "We hardly knew you guys were here. So how could we be of the FrostClan?" Winterfur sighed again, "I guess your right. FrostClan is our enemies and lately they have been quiet. Scene you two have shown up after another rouge..." Winterfur was cut off by Burnedheart, "Who was the rouge?!"

"Yea like we'd ask for her name!" Winterfur hissed. Cocoheart stepped between them, "You'll have to forgive him. He's usually sweet." Burnedheart relaxed himself. He took a few paces back and stood next to Stormheart. "Why have you come this far?" Cocoheart asked, wanting to change the subject. "We came this far because of SpiritClan." Winterfur looked around and looked back at Burnedheart and Stormheart, "Why has SpiritClan sent you here?" He asked dryly. "I dont know." Burnedheart meowed, "All I know is that it was a message for SpiritClan."

Chapter 2: Oceans behind and running for Nights

"Why would SpiritClan send a message to two loners like yourselves?" Winterfur almost hissed. Burnedheart shook his head, "If I knew I would tell you. But nether me or Stormheart know what it means." Cocoheart stepped in this time, "What was the message?" She asked. Burnedheart looked down and said, "I cant remember it all to well, but Stormheart should know." Stormheart nodded and started, "Two stars burn bright across the sky they travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flicks out and darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the reaming star.Cocoheart nodded, "That sounds like our story of the burned black leader." Burnedheart tilted his head, "What?" Winterfur cut Cocoheart off, "Legend for tells a burned black warrior is to rise from the oceans of pain and guide NightClan to a great victory. This same story was pasted for Night, our founder, to his daughter, Soulstar. She told the rest of the clan and we have told some of the kits about this tale." Burnedheart nodded.

In OceanClan he had heard the same story from one of the elders, "I've heard about that story. An elder said that I matched the primitive tales description." Winterfur snarled, "Well elders don't know what their talking about!" Cocoheart glared at Winterfur because Mingfeather was Cocoheart's closet friend and Mingfeather was an elder.

Cocoheart looked at Burnedheart and Stormheart and asked, "Want to come and see NightClan?" Winterfur's fur pricked, "They are rouges to their clan! I wont allow them to follow us!" Cocoheart swatted his head, "Oh yes you will!" "If he really is the cat that SpiritClan spoke of then he must be kept alive." She whispered in Winterfur's ear.

Burnedheart nodded his head in agreement and the four cats padded back to NightClan.

A shadowy figure watched them from some bushes before fading back into the bushes.

"Soulstar!" Cocoheart meowed happily, "We have some friends we like you to meet." Soulstar padded out from her den, "And who are your friends?" Burnedheart stepped forward and dipped his head, "Greetings Soulstar. I am Burnedheart." Stormheart was next to Burnedheart in a flash and dipped her head, "And i am Stormheart." Soulstar stared down at Burnedheart and Stormheart and asked, "What clan did you come from?" Burnedheart stared into the silver she-cats blue and amber eyes, "Im from OceanClan. Stormheart is from StreamClan." Soulstar turned her eyes to Stormheart, "How come i've never seen you at gatherings? StreamClan is our neighboring clan." Stormheart looked up to Soulstar and meowed, "I was never really allowed to gatherings." Soulstar nodded stiffly, "Winterfur." Winterfur padded out from behind Burnedheart and asked, "Yes Soulstar?" "I want you to take them on a tour of our borders." Soulstar meowed calmly, "See if it jogges Stormheart's memories." Winterfur nodded and flicked his tail. Burnedheart and Stormheart followed Winterfur out of the camp, "I can see you think he is the one to take your place." Cocoheart meowed softly. "He is nothing more than a rouge. I will not have an outcast ruling over my clan." Soulstar hissed. "But have you forgotten? A burned black warrior is to rise from the Ocean's of pain and lead NightClan to its greatest time." Cocoheart reminded Soulstar. "A story my father was told by SpiritClan.... Yes I know." Soulstar added, "But the prophecy never spoke of Stormheart." Mingfeather padded over to Soulstar and Cocoheart, "In time SpiritClan will reveal why Stormheart followed." Soulstar nodded, "But how am i to be rid of Burnedheart?" Mingfeather lashed her tail, "He is the cat from the prophecy Soulstar! We should accept him and take care of him." "I wont let him lead my fathers clan. He has no right to be here." Mingfeather closed her eyes and sighed. Opening them she meowed, "There is nothing you can do Soulstar. Its life." Soulstar stood up and walked away.

Winterfur took Burnedheart and Stormheart around the territories of NightClan, "FrostClan gives us a hard time. Thats why we don't trust outsiders anymore." Burnedheart nodded, "I can understand that. So thats why Soulstar looked at me with distrust and hate?" "It might have been." Winterfur answered. Burnedheart looked forward. He and Stormheart fled in hopes of not getting their fur clawed off. After they had seen the whole area, Winterfur took them to Four Stones. "Hey wait a sec." Stormheart started, "This is Four Stones! And theres the Elder Stone!" She meowed happily. "So you have been here." Winterfur meowed. "Well only this far... The stones look so beautiful with the snow on them."

"Yea this is the only time this place gets snow." Winterfur meowed. Stormheart remembered the stories and her run away travels she used to take as a kit. Burnedheart turned and jumped on to the Elder Stone. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!" Winterfur screamed, "That place is for leaders only!" Burnedheart looked down at Winterfur and lied on the Elder Rock, "Well its a nice view from up here." Winterfur swacked Burnedheart's tail and he jumped down. "Dont go up there ever again!" "FIne, fine, I promise that i won't go up there un less i become leader." Burnedheart meowed stiffly. Winterfur held back a hiss and took them Back to NightClan.

Chapter 3: Darkness falls

Soulstar greeted Winterfur back and flicked her tail at Burnedheart and Stormheart. Cocoheart came pading up, "You'll have to forgive her guys," Cocoheart started, "She is a good leader but new outside clan members really have to prove themselves." Burnedheart nodded and Stormheart half growled, "Thats still not a reason to treat us like dirt!" "Easy Stormheart," Burnedheart meowed, "Tell me Cocoheart does Soulstar know of the prophcey?" Cocoheart nodded and meowed, "Every cat in NightClan knows of the Star Prophcey. A cat that seems to be you Burnedheart would rise from an ocean of pain and lead us to a great victory." "Two stars burn bright across the sky they travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flicks out and darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the reaming star' Is the prophcey that we know." Stormheart meowed. Cocoheart nodded, "Thats a story that was told to Soulstar by her father Nightstar. At first we all believed that the prophcy spoke of Winterfur but his fur had white spots all around him."

Soulstar was talking with Winterfur when her fur pricked, "He did what?!" "He lied upon the Elder Stone." Winterfur meowed, "He should not be here at all!" Soulstar started to agree but then repeated to herself the story told to her by her father, "We cant kill him if he really is the savour of our clan. For now we must watch him and his every move." Winterfur nodded and padded off. Mingfeather padded up to Soulstar and meowed, "How can you still want to rid yourself of him? He is the savour of NightClan. He needs not to prove that." Soulstar blinked twice and meowed, "All clan cats gather before the NightStone for a clan meeting!" Elders, kits and queens, warriors, apprentices, Burnedheart and Stormheart gathered before a stone in the center of the camp. Soulstar was smiling as she meowed, "Burnedheart, though you are a warrior, I, Soulstar, here by place you as my apprentice. This will help me understand you better and learn just how storng you really are." NightClan was roaring with cheers, laughter, and mummers of tricks that Soulstar knew. Burnedheart stood up and meowed, "It will help me to see how strong you really are Soulstar." Soulstar held her smile. She hated Burnedheart but loved that fighting spirit he possesed. She would take it and break it in two if she had to.

Night fell upon the camp and only two cats were awake. Stormheart was moving and pawing everything with a nervous look on her face, "What if Soulstar tried to kill you!?" She meowed wildly. Burnedheart laughed, "She is a clan leader, she will do no such thing unless she wants to join the Dark Forest." Soulstar's voice came from behind him, "Here in the mountains we only believe in the Dark Cave." Burnedheart angled his face to see Soulstar with only one eye, "Hello Soulstar." Soulstar sat down and meowed, "Theres no time now for you to sleep. Our training begins now." Burnedheart nodded and followed Soulstar. Stormheart sat and tried to sleep but she couldn't keep her mind off what Soulstar might be doing to Burnedheart. Soulstar and Burnedheart made it to a training feild, "Alright Burnedheart, attack me." Soulstar twisted herself to face Burnedheart and sat down with a smile, "As your leader and mentor I order you to attack me." Burnedheart remained still and meowed, "How dumb do you think I am? If i throw the first move, you'll know how to counter attack it. All warriors in OceanClan are taught to let the enemy strike first." Soulstar giggled a bit, "But this is NightClan. Out here things are very different." Burnedheart nodded but stayed still. Soulstar's smile faded into a smrik before she disappeared and tried to hit Burnedheart from behind. Burnedheart dodged her attacks easily. Soulstar jumped at him and Burnedheart jumped up. Soulstar followed him up, "You fell into my trap Burnedheart." Soulstar mocked. Burnedheart angled himself so that his head and body aimed at Soulstar. He fell faster and dodged Soulstar be pure speed. They landed on the ground a few inches from each other, "What good is a warrior who can't fight?" "And what good is a leader who can be so easly predicted." Burnedheart mocked back. Soulstar ran strait at him and Burnedheart made his move. He jumped at Soulstar and landed on her back. He pinned her for three seconds before jumping of and facing her again. Soulstar started to laugh, "Your a better warrior than i thought. Your practice this before?" Burnedheart nodded and meowed proudly, "Everyday in OceanClan i had to do this."

Stormheart twitched and padded around. She was growing more and more worried for Burnedheart. 'Oh why have they not re-turned?' She thought to herself. Cocoheart had woke up and tried to calm Stormheart down, "Why do you worry? Soulstar is not the type to kill an other cat unless she has good reason to do so." Stormheart looked at Cocoheart but kept pading around, her mind trailing off to different thoughts. Winterfur padded in and gave Stormheart a troubling look, "Why are you so worried?" Stormheart flicked her tail angerly and meowed, "I just worry for the only cat who ever saved my life, ok!" Winterfur took a step back and sighed. Stormheart stomped around, but her foot-steps were not the only ones being heard that night.

Chapter 4: Open war of Frost and Night

A noise started to rise in the camp. Stemfoot padded out and sniffed the air. His eyes flashed and he yowled, "FrostClan!" As soon as NightClan heard that yowl, they leapt into battle posstions and waited for FrostClan. Stromheart un-knowing of what was going on padded into the open and sat down. She tilted her head and was jumped by a massive FrostClan warrior. The two cats thrashed and clawed each other as more FrostClan warriors charged into the camp and NightClan's trap. NightClan jumped out at FrostClan and attacked them by flanks. NightClan swiftly crushed the FrostClan left flank but the right flank was more perpared for a fight. Stemfoot clawed the warrior off Stormheart and yowled into the night.

Soulstar sat next to Burnedheart and meowed, "You are a very good fighter, Burnedheart." Burnedheart licked his paw and meowed, "Your an excellent teacher Soulstar. Have you-?" Burnedheart's train of thought was wrecked when Stemfoot's yowl echoed through the training feild. Soulstar looked at Burnedheart and they both raced back towards NightClan.

Cocoheart was pinned by a large white warrior, Stormheart was clawing another FrostClan warrior, and Winterfur was bitting every FrostClan warrior that came near him. Stemfoot broke free of a FrostClan warrior and swiftly beat off Cocoheart's attackers. All of NightClan's camp was filled with yowls, tuffs of fur, and blood. Mingheart, old she was, clawed many warriors and defeanded the kits and queens. Stemfoot was pinned by a large warrior. He thought he was going to die when he heard Soulstar's growl. Stemfoot opened his eyes to see he was on the ground, Soulstar and Burnedheart defeanding him. Burnedheart would jump into warriors and claw them into the ground. Soulstar used her speed and slashed the FrostClan warriors back. Echoclaw, Wingfur, and Wildclaw charged the FrostClan warriors and slashed and clawed them endlessly. The camp seemed to have a river of blood running through it as a brown and black spotted she-cat padded in un-noticed, "So your the deputy?" She meowed to the weak Stemfoot. He looked up to see his death, the claws of the she-cat stabbed through his head and raked down his face. His blood spraied and splattered across the ground as the she-cat took off. Burnedheart spotted her a little too late.

FrostClan tried to stay in the fight but now that Soulstar had shown up, they had no chance of winning in NightClan territory. FrostClan broke ranks and fled NightClan. "Are there any in need of serious medical need?" yowled a small orange she-cat. "Over here Blazehowl." Wingfur cried out. Wildclaw was wounded badly but Blazehowl kept him alive. Not much could be done for Stemfoot however. Soulstar looked at her dead deputy and cried. Burnedheart padded next to her and shared her tears, Stormheart limped to Cocoheart and gave her thanks and well wishes for the fallen tom. Burnedheart padded off but stopped short when he heard Soulstar yowl, "By SpiritClan and MountainStarClan, I, Soulstar, here by name Burnedheart as my deputy." Burnedheart froze up. He had never been considered for anything higher than a warrior before, yet here he was being named a deputy. Stormheart looked at him and was the first to meow his name. After her Cocoheart and Winterfur joined in and soon all of NightClan was yowling, "Burnedheart! Burnedheart! Burnedheart!"

Burnedheart turned to Soulstar, whos eyes were dulled but had that threating gaze, and meowed, "Why me? Im a rouge from another clan." Soulstar nodded and meowed, "But your also the cat to rise up with our clan and lead it to a better place when i die." Burnedheart sat down and nodded his agreement, "Then I will be just as good as Stemfoot was."

A few days had past sicne Burnedheart was named deputy. The clan seemed more like Cocoheart and excepted him as their deputy. It was later that night Burnedheart got a second suprize, this one from Stormheart, "Burnedheart?" "Yes Stormheart. Is something the matter?" Stormheart shook her head and meowed, "I...I wanted to ask you something." Burnedheart leaned closer to her and meowed, "So than ask. I wont bite." Stormheart felt her heart race as she fiddelled with her words, "I would... I mean I want... No I need..." She sighed, and took a deep breath. "Will you take me to be your mate?" She asked very calmly. Burnedheart blushed behind his fur. His heart was beating faster and faster but he meowed, "I would be glad to."

Chapter 5: The monster named Coldstar

A week had past from Stemfoot's un-timely death, Burnedheart was getting better at being a deputy and now had Stormheart always by his side. Soulstar padded next to them and meowed, "A gathering is coming Burnedheart. We will need you to grab some warriors for this." Burnedheart nodded and meowed, "I thought of that ahead of time and already told Stormheart, Cocoheart, Winterfur, Echoclaw, Wingfur, and Wildclaw." Soulstar smiled and meowed, "Your getting better at your job my friend." As Soulstar padded out Stormheart whispered to him, "The kits are getting ready to be born, my love. What will we name them?" Burnedheart gave her a lick on the face and meowed, "Lets name them when they arrive."

Winterfur, Cocoheart, Wingfur, Echoclaw, Wildclaw, Burnedheart, Stormheart, and Soulstar gathered together and padded off to Four Stones. Stormheart was a little slower but she kept her pace, she was getting bigger by the day and Burnedheart was the only cat that knew of her kitting was soon to come. NightClan was the first ones there. Stormheart laided her head down on the ground and slowly set her body down. Burnedheart sat close to her and would whisper in her ear names of kits they might use for their kits.

Soulstar licked her paw when a voice called from behind her, "Soulstar! How goes life in NightClan?" Soulstar turned and spotted a light grey, grey and dark grey tom with amber eyes, "Good Shadestar, Hows life in StreamClan?" Shadestar jumped up next to her and meowed, "Life is great so far." As they shared stories of their clans, Burnedheart, Stormheart, and Cocoheart were talking about kits, "So what are they like?" Stormheart asked. Cocoheart smiled and wriggled with joy, "They are cute little guys that make a little trouble here and there but they seem to listen to us." Cocoheart was a mother a long time ago but her son left NightClan to live as a rouge. Stormheart listened to her tail of Cocoheart's kit being the little star of her life, While Burnedheart padded to Soulstar. "Shadestar this is my new deputy, Burnedheart." Shadestar bowed and meowed his greetings. Burnedheart did the same but asked, "What do you know of FrostClan?" Shadestar looked at Soulstar and asked, "Isn't he NightClan?" Soulstar laughed and sighed, "Hes an OceanClan rouge and so is Stormheart. He is what we know and believe to be the cat fore-told to lead NightClan when i die."

Shadestar nodded and meowed, "StreamClan has never really been attacked by them but from what we know they are evil, blood thursty cats..." Shadestar was cut off by a tan and brown spotted tom, "We only do what we must," The tom meowed in a deep, commanding voice, "And what we must do is rid the hills of NightClan for good." Soulstar took one look at the tom and hissed, "Coldstar!" Coldstar laughed and jumped up next to Soulstar, "So hows life after I sent a little 'welcoming' gift'?" Soulstar hissed and almost swacked him with her claws, "Stemfoot is dead because of you and your raid!" Burnedheart stepped infront of Soulstar and growled, "If you've got something to say to my leader than say it to me, you bag of fur!" Coldstar laughed and meowed, "Who are you? The kit patrol!" "For a fact this is Burnedheart, my new deputy, and the cat of the fore-told in the prophacy." Soulstar mocked. Coldstar stopped laughing and half growled, "So Darkshadow was right. Her brother did betray her." Burnedheart's eyes widened and he pinned Coldstar, "Wheres my sister creep!?" Coldstar hissed and growled, "This is a gathering you idiot! Unless you want MountainStarClan to make it open war right here and now you'll get off me!" Burnedheart hissed but lifted off Coldstar. A large tom padded up and meowed, "Why do you always start the war when its only the three of you?" Shadestar crooked his head and hissed, "Wickedstar." Wickedstar was a strongly built white and brown spotted tom. His water blue eyes shined brightly in the moon lit night. He jumped up to join the other leader and meowed, "Lets get this gathering underway shall we?" He yowled once and the area fell silent. "I'll start this off," Coldstar meowed, "In this time FrostClan is under heavy layers of snow. The kits and queens are suffering from lack of food. We can get only enough to feed the queens so some of our warriors are starving."

Soulstar flashed a look at Coldstar but kept her mouth shut. Coldstar continued, "As an added problem, the snow has turned to ice. Some of our warriors froze to death." Soulstar flicked her tail and seemed not to care. Coldstar finished and whispered in Soulstar's ear. Whatever he said made Soulstar mad. Soulstar took her place and meowed, "As you all might have heard, FrostClan and their warriors launched a raid on NightClan. We lost Stemfoot in the fight but the battle was won by NightClan. Our newest deputy is Burnedheart." Burnedheart lashed his tail as FrostClan cats stared at him. Soulstar continued, "We have had little snow and the prey is plentaful, though we can't share with any other clan. We have a queen whos going to kit here soon and the food must be stored for the kitting." Stormheart blushed under her fur. She thought only Burnedheart knew of her kits but Soulstar had taken notice of her weight increase. Shadestar bowed to Soulstar and took his place, "StreamClan is fine. The newest snow has not affected the stream that runs by our camp. The fish is pentaful and so is the small game around us." Wickedstar growled and hissed, "StreamClan lives off our stream! You and your warriors should leave this mountain!" Shadestar turned to him and hissed, "The stream is all clans! It gives us all life and belongs to us all!" Wickedstar laughed and scolled Shadestar for being an idiotic leader. Shadestar's eyes flashed and Burnedheart felt the air rippen with the smells of fear, and the hunger for a fight. Burnedheart jumped between them and yowled, "Enough!" The murmer from the cats died away as he continued, "Your both leaders of clans! Dragging yourselves and your clans into war would end one of you." Wickedstar started to laugh but Burnedheart continued, "MountainStarClan gave Night, Lighting, Stream, and Frost equal amounts of land! There is no need for war!" Soulstar started in, "Hes right. The mountain is all of ours. Each territory has its goods and bads but not one is better than the other."

Coldstar hissed, "He speaks of our elder fore-fathers yet he is a rouge from a clan off the mountain!" As soon as Coldstar hissed, a weird howl of the wind picked up. It wind was a light breeze but picked up very fast. All but Burnedheart was blowen from the Elder Stone, and Northwind, the LightingClan med. cat, yowled, "Its a sign!!!" All eyes were fixed on Burnedheart as Northwind continued, "He stands alone because he is the only one of us to speek peace!" Soulstar looked at Northwind and meowed, "But I spoke of peace as well. Why was I thrown?" "You started off talking of a raid," Northwind started, "And it was you to hiss at Coldstar." Soulstar arched her back and yowled, "All clans are at war! There can and, by Coldstar's doing, will be no peace between NightClan and FrostClan!" Northwind calmed and meowed, "This is why you were thrown off the rock. You always blame Coldstar and never let him speek his story." "He attacked my clan for no reason!!" Soulstar hissed. Northwind still showed no fear as he meowed, "Yes, Coldstar is evil but there is no need to make war on this night. Our feeling for each other is always hostile. If FrostClan agrees to never rasie a hair in NightClan, I will give you some hunting territory in LightingClan lands." Wickedstar growled, "You have no authority to do so Northwind! But if it will put us in favor of MountainStarClan than so be it." Coldstar laughed and hissed, "Its our mission to rid ourselves of NightClan! We will raise whatever we want!" Burnedheart looked at Coldstar and gave a dark look, "You threaten NightClan here?" Coldstar shot a gaze right back at Burnedheart and hissed, "I will always challenge NightClan! NightClan sits in FrostClan expansion territory." Soulstar called the gathering to an end and meowed, "You did well for your first gathering at Elder Stone and the Four Stone Burnedheart." Burnedheart nodded and meowed, "I wish it could have gone more peaceful but I guess there's nothing I can do about that."

Chapter 6: Does the sun shine for the fallen?

After the gathering the clans started to dissipate. Shadestar meowed his congrats to Burnedheart and StreamClan left. Wickedstar apologized to Soulstar from the troubles he and LightingClan might have caused. Coldstar glanced at her, hissed, and ordered FrostClan to head home. NightClan padded away and Cocoheart lingered closer to Stormheart. Stormheart told her she was ok but Cocoheart stayed close. Once they were at camp, Mingfeather padded to Burnedheart and meowed, "Burnedstar," to him. Burnedheart paused and looked back at the elder before she padded into her den. Soulstar padded behind Burnedheart and whispered, "She is getting very old. I don't know if shes mentally able to stay alive anymore." Burnedheart nodded and asked, "Why did she call me 'Burnedstar'?" Soulstar gave him a look of confusion and meowed, "Like the prophecy says, 'Two stars burn bright across the sky they travel far away to a new home. A home in trouble of the dark coldness. The two stars burned bright till one flickers out and darkness threatens to reclaim the land and all hope lies on the reaming star.' All of NightClan believes now that you and Stormheart are those two stars."

Burnedheart gave a weird look and asked, "So then.... which 'star' flickers out and dies?" Soulstar shook her head, "MountainStarClan was never clear on that. For now lets hope that neither you nor Stormheart dies." She leaned closer and meowed happily, "Congrats on becoming a new father Burnedheart. Stormheart's kits will be wonderful." Burnedheart nodded and meowed, "You knew?" Soulstar winked and meowed, "I was a mother once Burnedheart. I know the signs of a new mother." Burnedheart blushed out of embarrassment and meowed, "Heh.... Can you not tell anyone till the kits are closer to birth?" Soulstar nodded and padded away. Winterfur came up behind Burnedheart and meowed, "Shall I lead dawn patrol?" Burnedheart nodded and meowed, "I will be accompanying you, Cocoheart and Echoclaw on the patrol." Winterfur nodded and said, "I'll go and tell Cocoheart and Echoclaw. See you at sun rise?" Burnedheart smiled and meowed, "See you at sun rise." Winterfur padded of and the moons light shown upon Burnedheart again.

A glint in his eyes made them go white and he saw horrifying images. NightClan was gone, Soulstar dead, Stormheart murdered, and himself captured by FrostClan. His lower lip quivered but then the light showed Stemfoot was next to him. Stemfoot meowed eerily, "What you have seen is what will happen if FrostClan can't be stopped on their next raid of NightClan. I can only tell you that much for no light has shown upon me." Burnedheart tilted his head and asked, "What do you mean?" Stemfoot's eyes were pure white as he meowed, "Does light shine upon the fallen? Yes but only the purest of the pure. You have yet to die and already the lights have chosen you to see and read messages from MountainStarClan." Burnedheart shook his head and Stemfoot disappeared.

Burnedheart with held telling anyone in NightClan as soon as the dream like state had ended. He padded to Stormheart and whispered, "How do you feel?" She looked up at him and smiled, "I feel fine my love. Now please get some rest." She laid her head in her front paws as Burnedheart lied beside her. She flicked her tail on to his and fell into sleep. Burnedheart could still see Stormheart's dead body in that bloody dream given to him by MountainStarClan. He shook off the thought and fell asleep with Stormheart.

Chapter 7: In a Tide of Blood

Burnedheart slept lightly that night. Stormheart's light snoring was the sign he was waiting for and snuck out of camp. He stared into the sky. "MountainStarClan wake you my friend?" Burnedheart looked back to see Mingfeather. Burnedheart shook his head and continued to gaze at the stars. Mingfeather sat next to him and softly meowed, "Its easy to tell when a warrior is nervous or scared Burnedheart. Tell me whats on your mind." Burnedheart dropped his head and asked, "Will you believe me?" Mingfeather nodded and Burnedheart started, "Stemfoot came to me. He showed me a terrible future. NightClan as gone, Soulstar and Stormheart were dead, and I was a prisoner of FrostClan." Mingfeather nodded slowly and meowed, "I too have seen this dream. Its alot to take in, i know, but we cant let fear control our hearts." Burnedheart looked at the elderly cat as she meowed, "Lets see what our FrostClan enemies are up to shall we?"

Mingfeather started out of camp, with Burnedheart right behind her. They kept walking in complete silence until the FrostClan border. They weren't kidding when they said the snow fall had gotten worse. The snow was 8 inches deep but Mingfeather tugged through it. Burnedheart followed the old calico as far as a frozen stump. Mingfeather lashed her tail and meowed, "Stop here Burnedheart." He stopped and ducked. He scanned the area and saw nothing, but out of nowhere a black shape padded by. Though it was dark, Mingfeather knew who it was. "Thats Moonsoul. Stay out of his path or all of FrostClan will come crashing down on us." Burnedheart nodded and followed Mingfeather very slowly. Moonsoul was a medium, well built tom cat. His pelt was grey and stood out against the moon lit night. Burnedheart and Mingfeather managed to sneak into the FrostClan camp. moving slowly and hiding their NightClan scent, they padded into a small den.

Mingfeather looked back to see if the den had cats but none were to be found. Burnedheart looked around at the rock den. Ice hug from the roof of the den and snow seemed to make the floor. A small movement in the den made Mingfeather jump into some shadows for cover. Burnedheart remained where he was. The dark shape looked at him and meowed, "Hello brother." Burnedheart's heart jumped as he asked, "Is that you Darkshadow?" The dark brown and light brown she-cat rose to her paws and meowed with a smiled, "Yes Burnedheart, Its me." Burnedheart rubbed his head against his sister. It had been a long time since they had seen each other and Darkshadow had really grown. "Wait..." Burnedheart backed up and hissed, "Your FrostClan now...." Darkshadow nodded and meowed, "Im still your sister. Nothing will ever change that." Burnedheart backed even farther, "Did you kill him?! Did you kill Stemfoot!?" Darkshadow laughed, "Of course not. I wouldn't do anything to hurt you or our little clan mates." Mingfeather padded from the shadows and asked, "This is your sister?" Burnedheart sighed and meowed, "Yes." Darkshadow gave him a look of scorn, "You make it sound like such a bad thing." Burnedheart looked away and sighed, "It kinda is." Mingfeather stepped between them and meowed, "We came here to learn of FrostClan's plans." Darkshadow backed up and hissed, "You may be my brother but Im FrostClan now. Your not leaving here with the plans!"

Burnedheart and Mingfeather bolted out of the den as Darkshadow yowled, "Their NightClan!!!" FrostClan cats looked at Burnedheart and Mingfeather and chased them. Burnedheart saw that Mingfeather was slowing down, Burnedheart turned and jumped on a FrostClan warrior and yowled, "Run Mingfeather! Run!" Mingfeather was panting up a storm and started to run again. Burnedheart ripped into a few FrostClan warriors but was pinned by a tan and brown spotted tom, "Well well the deputy of NightClan. What brings you into the cold ranks of FrostClan?" Burnedheart's pelt was covered in blood as he hissed, "I wont tell you...!" Coldstar laughed, "You think you can fight your way out?" Burnedheart flipped Coldstar over and bolted through FrostClan cats. "Stop him!" Coldstar yowled.

Chapter 8: The Star that shines in the Dark.

Burnedheart took off in an all out run. Coldstar, Darkshadow, and many FrostClan warriors tailed him. Burnedheart's mind was running with worries and more to the piont, that dark dream he had only a few hours ago. He knew that if he led FrostClan back to NightClan his horride dream would become real. Burnedheart darted to the left and scrambled over a fall tree. He kept running. Coldstar jumped the fall tree and FrostClan climbed over. Darkshadow had broken off from the massive attack force and followed from the tree tops.

Burnedheart crossed over into StreamClan. Coldstar, Darkshadow, and FrostClan was still following him. "What is going on!" Burnedheart craned his head to see Shadestar and a few StreamClan warriors a few feet ahead of him. Shadestar hissed, "FrostClan!? Why did you lead them here!?" Burnedheart darted to him and meowed weakly, "Im sorry... I had to ... keep ... my clan safe... I will... help fight... them off StreamClan's territory." Shadestar knew there was no time for argueing and agreed. He raised his head and yowled, moments later StreamClan cats were chargeing to them. They weren't alone. Mingfeather had rallyed NightClan's warriors and Stormheart and were racing to fight along side StreamClan and Burnedheart. FrostClan clashed with StreamClan and NightClan. FrostClan was outnumbered but they still fought on.

The battle lasted only a few minutes before FrostClan was defeated. Blood filled the feild and fur littered across the feild. StreamClan had minor wounds but NightClan had an injuried warrior who could never fight again. Burnedheart was panting with one eye closed. He sat down as Stormheart and Mingfeather ran to him. "You alright?" Stormheart asked. Burnedheart tilted his head and meowed, "Im doing better than most. You?" Stormheart blushed and whispered, "I didn't fight... I had to keep the kits safe." Burnedheart nodded and gave her a lick. Mingfeather sat down first but fell over to one side. Her breathing was heavy. Stormheart yowled for Blazehowl. Blazehowl came seconds later and looked over Mingfeather, "Shes just tired Stormheart. If we let her sleep she will be fine." Stormheart sighed and looked back to Burnedheart, "Shes thinks you a great warrior Burnedheart." Burnedheart smiled and meowed, "I know. Shes a great friend."

StreamClan gave their well wishes for NightClan, and NightClan padded back into their territory. Soulstar, Echoclaw, Wingfur, and Wildclaw were the only ones left at camp. Soulstar greeted her warriors back warmly and pulled Burnedheart and Stormheart aside, "You two did well out there I hope?" Stormheart nodded and whispered, "I kept my kits safe Soulstar." Soulstar smiled and whispered back, "May MountainStarClan make them great warriors." Burnedheart lifted himself up and turned to leave. Soulstar's smile faded as she asked, "Whats wrong Burnedheart?" Burnedheart looked at her, eyes dulled down, and meowed, "I fought my own sister... my only sister." Soulstar looked at Burnedheart and meowed, "War can make friends enemies and family members our most hated foes. Is there away you can get her to join NightClan? Burnedheart shook his head, "No. Shes to loyal to Coldstar. She also the one.." He paused for a few and then continued, "who murdered Stemfoot." Soulstar looked away and meowed, "Please no more of this... Leave me be." Stormheart and Burnedheart padded out from the leaders den and went to the warriors den. Stormheart looked at Burnedheart and asked, "Why did your sister fight you? And dont say anything about FrostClan." Burnedheart tilted his head and meowed, "Im un-sure why she'd lash out like that. She might have been upset with me for leaving OceanClan or not coming to her first. The fact is she doesn't want anything to do with NightClan."

Chapter 9: When All Time Seems to Stop

The night had cooled the minds of NightClan as the day started to fade. "Hunting is getting worse but theres less FrostClan scent in our territory." Winterfur meowed to Burnedheart. Burnedheart nodded to Winterfur as he padded off. Soulstar padded over to Burnedheart and asked, "How goes hunting?" "Hunting is getting worse." Burnedheart meowed, "That raid FrostClan had done had some damage to the prey." Soulstar nodded and looked over to the nursery, "How are they?" "The kits?" Burnedheart started, "Not born yet but Stormheart is feeling the pain more so their coming soon." Soulstar nudged Burnedheart and meowed, "You'll make a great father Burnedheart." Burnedheart kept his eyes focussed on nursery as he meowed, "I really hope so."

Blazehowl padded out of the nursery and right to Burnedheart, "Shes started giving birth Burnedheart. She wants you right beside her." Burnedheart took in a deep breath and followed Blazehowl to the nursery. The smell of fear, and some blood filled the air. Stormheart was breathing heavily as Blazehowl kept her cool. "Where is he?" She asked weakly. "Im right here." Burnedheart whispered in Stormheart's ear. She relaxed and started pushing. Blazehowl had also asked Soulstar to help with the kits birth. The leader agreed remembering that she was never a mother. The first kit came out. Its fur was brown and grey with tints of blue. Soulstar looked at the kit and started to breath very heavily. Burnedheart meowed, "You were never a mother. I want you to name this one." Soulstar swallowed hard and meowed, "Wave...Wavekit." As soon as she named Wavekit, Burnedheart licked the little grey and brown kit till it meowed. Burnedheart set the kit by Stormheart and it began to suckle. Stormheart smiled at the little kit as she pushed again. An other kit came out, this one was black-ish red with a black moon on her chest. Burnedheart doved her Burnkit and licked her till she meowed for her mother. Burnkit and Wavekit suckled happily and fell asleep.

Un-know to NightClan, Darkshadow was storming around FrostClan. In her rage she beat down six FrostClan apprentices and 8 FrostClan warriors. "Why are my warriors beaten?!" Coldstar growled. Darkshadow glared into his eyes and hissed, "My brother is a traitor! He should have come with me not Stormheart!" Coldstar held his gaze and mocked, "I guess he thought you weren't capable of leaving a clan so early." Darkshadow slashed at him but never set a claw on the vile leader, though in her heart she wanted to. She continued to storm around until she heard movement. She wipped her head around to see Blackfeather. "Coldstar when are we going hunting?" Coldstar stared at the young warrior and hissed, "Soon." Coldstar had had it with Darkshadow's anger and meowed, "What do you say to a raid? If Burnedheart wont join you, then he'll join MountainStarClan." Darkshadow turned to Coldstar and smiled wickedly, "I would love that." Coldstar gathered Blackfeather, Falleneye, Moonsoul, Firesong, Boulderfoot, and Darkshadow and yowled, "Tonight Burnedheart dies at the paws of FrostClan!!" The warriors yowled their agreement and readyed with Coldstar, "Lets give NightClan a reason to fear FrostClan!" Coldstar finished and he plus his warriors headed for NightClan.

Chapter 10: Was it Worth it?

Stormheart slept with her kits. Soulstar and Burnedheart sat by the entrance, "What do you think? Your a father now." Burnedheart looked up into the sky and meowed, "Yea... I cant believe that Im accutly a father." Soulstar flicked her tail on his but Burnedheart pulled foward, "What? Did I do something?" She asked worriedly. "No Soulstar," Burnedheart meowed with fear in his voice, "Its FrostClan!" Soulstar looked toward the wood and saw FrostClan warriors charging camp. She had no time to yowl from the NightStone. Burnedheart yowled as loud as he could. NightClan warriors gathered near him and spotted FrostClan. Soulstar whispered in Burnedheart's ear, "Im on my last life... Lead the clan well." Before Burnedheart could say anything, Soulstar attacked Coldstar. The two leaders bit and clawed each other. Coldstar's warriors headed right for Burnedheart. Cocoheart, Mingfeather, and Winterfur cut them from their target and fought them.

Coldstar was beating Soulstar. Mingfeather was throwing FrostClan warriors left and right. Echoclaw, Wingfur and Wildclaw protected the nursery. Burnedheart had beaten a warrior and got tackled by Darkshadow, "If you wont join me then I will end your life!" Burnedheart easily flipped her over and pinned her by her neck, "Give up sis. I was always the better warrior." A bloody yowl came from Soulstar. Burnedheart turned his head to see that Coldstar had killed Soulstar. Her body had claw marks running through her neck. Burnedheart's body began to shake. His eyes flashed in pure rage as he tackled Coldstar, "How could you?! How could you kill her!?" Burnedheart bit into Coldstar's neck and ripped it open. He rased his claws and sliced through Coldstar, his blood spraying over Burnedheart.

FrostClan looked at their leader in horror. Coldstar had six lives yet he was dead. Burnedheart had killed Coldstar and his six lives out of pure rage. Burnedheart turned to the FrostClan cats, fire burning in his eyes. They all became scared and fled fearing that they would surely be killed as well. Darkshadow snuck out of NightClan. Mingfeather, Winterfur, Cocoheart, Echoclaw, Wingfur, Wildclaw, Blazehowl, Blazeheart, Swiftwind and Tangleheart padded to Soulstar's body. Burnedheart's eyes were stained with tears as they fell from his face. Soulstar lifted her head and meowed, "Thank you Burnedstar... May MountainStarClan.... Light...your...path.." Her head fell back and she died. Burnedheart gritted his teeth and yowled. Blazehowl padded over to Burnedheart and meowed, "Burnedhe-star, We need to get to StarCave so you can be named leader of NightClan."

His head was hung very low and he growled, "Why should I lead? Was it really worth it Soulstar? Did you really want me to lead?" A large cloud cover flooded the sky and lighting and heavy rain started. The rain stained his fur. NightClan fell away, all but Burnedstar, Mingheart, and Winterfur, had gone back to their dens. Mingfeather sat next to burnedheart and meowed, "This is what she wanted.. There are times to morn a loss and times to remember a lost great one." Burnedstar lashed his head toward Coldstar's body and hissed, "Take that thing away from NightClan. I will burry Soulstar." Mingfeather and Winterfur took Coldstar's body to the stream that ran through NightClan and threw his corpse in. The rain picked up as Burnedstar took his former leader, friend, and mentor's body to StarCave. He remembered her words ring in his head, 'You'll be a great leader Burnedheart. I know it.' He dug a deep whole for her and set her in. "May MountainStarClan take you in my great leader." Burnedstar cried.

Burnedstar entered the StarCave. It was dark and he could not see. He padded around for what seemed like hours, until he ran into a small blue and green rock. He pressed his nose against it and fell sleep. When he woke, He spotted a faint grey star shape on his left shoulder, "Soulstar.... I guess now we will always be together." He rose to his paws and left the StarCave. Burnedstar padded back to NightClan, his clan, his home.

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