The Prophecy

MirageClan cats sent a prophecy to four cats, telling them this: "You and three other cats, each from different clans, will travel to the Sun-Water-Place. You have to listen to what star has to tell you." The cats chosen for the trip are:

Daylight for LightClan

Fallenheart for NatureClan

Nightpaw for TidalClan

Ivytail for SmokeClan

Even through four were chosen, Steelpaw decided to go with his mentor Daylight so that he won't miss out on training and won't become a warrior after his sisters.

Beechleaf from NatureClan decided to go with her brother Fallenheart because she cannot help feeling that something will happen to him.

The Way to the Sun-Water-Place

The cats set off for the journey, heading across the Twoleg-place. At one point, they were surrounded by large, viscious dogs, but an old loner named Paddy saved them from the dogs. After the rescue, he introduced himself and helped the cats find their way to the forest, where the cliffs start after a short walk. At one point, Steelpaw got his tail stuck in a fence and it was really frustrating and embarrassing for him! The journey took 7 days and when Ivytail was chasing a mouse, it led her to the Sun-Water-Place where the rest of the cats followed her.


At night, the cats watched the stars to try and hear a sign from them, but they heard nothing except the hooting of a Tawny Owl, which turned out to be Star. She told the cats this: Twolegs are going to destroy the forest. You need to find new territory, just follow the silver trail." The cats knew they had to move territories, but where exactly?

The Tribe of Curled Ivy

The cats travelled through the mountains this time. They met The Tribe of Curled Ivy, and met Stoneteller, Reed, Raven, Shell and other cats. But Sharpclaw, a lion, raided the cave at night and killed Rock That Rolls Down Mountain, causing a real pain for the Tribe. Later the next day, Sharpclaw raided again and decided to have Nightpaw for lunch, until Fallenheart cut a stalactite off the wall to kill Sharpclaw. The stalactite pierced him, killing him instantly, and saving the tribe from him.

Returning Home

After Sharpclaw's death, the remaining cats travelled back to the broken territory, in time to tell them to head to a new place.

The Way from the Sun-Water-Place

The Way Back