Firepaw woke in a pool of cold water.She shook out her pelt,as the ground began to shake."What's going on?!" she said pelt bristling.Behind her out came a wave of blood.The scent of blood washed over her drowning her scent. Firepaw broke off into a run,but the wave was too quick. Blood swallowed her,pulling her under. Underblood she saw the gleaming red eyes of a warrior. All of a sudden everything faded to black. The young apprentice felt a pang of pain in her side as paws jabed her flank. At the last moment she heard these words"Dog will come and destroy three,but Fire will kill Dog." "FIREPAW!!!!an agitated voice hissed."Huh?"Firepaw mewed sleepily.It was Leafheart,her mentor."Spikekit has a cough can you take some catmint for him" she mewed urgently. "Ok,but why so quickly?" Leafheart was sorting the juniper berries from death berries. "We have to go meet the other Medicine cats at the Moonstone"