BreezeClan is a Clan that lives in a windy area in the mountains.

Pelt Colors

Quite a variety.


Hunting Place

BreezeClan's hunting place is where the Clan hunts.

It has many trees, and the cats hunt plenty of rabbits.


The four Clans (BreezeClan, FoxClan, WhisperClan and SnowClan) meet at these trees for a gathering every full moon, by the will of MoonClan.


The Twolegplace is far into BreezeClan's Hunting Place, almost at WhisperClan's territory.


Leader: Lightstar (puppycornashlynn)

Deputy: Open

Medicine cat: Open

Warriors: Grassfur (puppycornashlynn)

Apprentices: Open

Kits: Dreamkit (mother: SIlverfur) (puppycornashlynn)

Elders: Open

Queens: Silverfur (puppycornashlynn) (there must be at least one queen without kits in order for there to be a new litter)


  • Their founding leader was Breezestar, originally named Winter Breeze
  • They hunt rabbits and squirrels.