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Founders Maple, Sky, Umber, Sun, Mud, Clover and Cookie
Leader(s) Maplestar
Deputy(s) Skygaze
Medicine Cat(s) Umberheart
Current Stats
Current Leader Maplestar
Current Deputy Skygaze
Current Medicine Cat Umberheart
Number of Members 10
Warrior(s) 4
Apprentice(s) 3
Owner MysterySky17


MapleClan cats are very thin, with longer claws than usual in order to grip onto the trees and swing from one to another. Their tails are long, and can curve very well for swinging.


MapleClan live in holes on trees in a forest of maple trees, making their homes very bright. Due to the fact branches are very close to each other, the cats enjoy to swing from one to another.


Birds, squirrels and other prey hide in the maple trees, so MapleClan hunt them. With their hooked and long claws, it's a lot easier to catch prey.



MapleClan cats seem to be completely immune to heights. Whenever a MapleClan cat falls from the highest part of a tree, they land on all fours and survive. However, this does not apply to kits and apprentices if they haven't learned to tree-swing.



Storms are very devastating for MapleClan, as there are lots of trees in their land. Falling trees can crush cats as well as destroy their homes.

Clan Members


Maplestar - Bright orange-golden she-cat with amber eyes


Skygaze - Silver she-cat with sky-blue eyes

Medicine Cat

Umberheart - Light brown she-cat, green eyes

Medicine Apprentice

Free spot


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Suncloud - Golden tabby she-cat APPRENTICE, ADDERPAW

Mudfrost - Dark brown tom APPRENTICE, CLOUDPAW

Cloverleaf - Pure white she-cat APPRENTICE, BREEZEPAW

Cookie - Tortoiseshell she-cat, formerly a kittypet

Ochrefrost - Cinnamon tom APPRENTICE, GOLDENPAW

Starpelt - Black and white she-cat APPRENTICE, WINDPAW


Breezepaw - Grey-and-white she-cat

Cloudpaw - White she-cat with blue eyes

Adderpaw - Pale tabby tom

Goldenpaw - Golden tabby tom

Windpaw - White and grey tabby she-cat


Springwind - Gold and red she-cat with green eyes


Free spots