As all warriors, Silverfire, had a normal life. She fought in battles, saved her clan and hunted. Nothing was different... Not until a fire, one that destroyed the whole lands. It stretched for miles, it seemed to be the end of the world... and it started the first prophecy. Silverfire was givin the prophecy to save her clan and defeat all enemys with powers no cat could contain except StarClan.

This is the life of Silverfire.


Silverfire padded through MistClan camp. She had to speak to Featherclaw, her sister. I must tell her about Shadeice. Silverfire ran now, panic breaking through her.

"FEATHERCLAW!" Silverfire yowled. Featherclaw was at the fresh kill pile. She turned her head and saw Silverfire leap on her. "Hey, stop! Get of me or I will rip you to shreads!" Featherclaw meowed playfully. Silverfire unsheated her claws. "This is no joke. Shadeice is..." Silverfire couldn't explain. Shadeice was Featherclaws best friend. He was like a brother to her. But he had gotten killed at the Lightningfalls -- Lightningfalls was a sacred waterfall. It's water fell powerfully.       It's water's current was so strong that not even small fish could swim. Big fish lurked the waters. They  killed eachother. And Shadeice drowned in Lightningfalls. Silverfire knew she should tell Amberstar about this -- but Featherclaw and Shadeice grew close together. "Spit it out!" Featherclaw hissed as Silverfire paused. "Shadeice drowned in Lightningfalls. I found his body on the river bed. I think he was trying to hunt fish." Silverfire explained. "No... It can't be Shadeice! It has to be a cat from another Clan!" Featherclaw said. "I smelled his scent on the cat. And also the cat was gray-brown with black paws like Shadeice." Silverfire explained. Featherclaw hissed. "Why did you tell me! You know how I feel about Shadeice! He is my friend," Featherclaw unsheated her claws. "I will get revenge." Silverfire paused. What does she mean by "revenge"? Will she kill me, or do something to StarClan? But how can she do anything to StarClan? They are heaven! I think she... wants to kill me... Silverfire thought. She shivered, then ran to the warriors den.